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Sacre Bleu! In Stores Now!

You read it here, first.  One of the next emerging brands that will get a lot of wine industry press for their innovative marketing tactics just launched distribution in my backyard, as a part of a larger regional rollout.  This beautiful wine comes from France via Minnesota with a decidedly different approach to the staid business of marketing wine.

Some background, in a previous life I was minding my own business looking through a pipeline report in a sales meeting when I saw a company name you don’t often run across—Electric Fetus.

Delicate laughs ensued.

It turns out that the Electric Fetus is a legendary record store in the Minneapolis area.  Electric Fetus is
also the same record store where you can buy the new album from White Light Riot—a Minneapolis area band that released their first full record last month, Atomism.

Channeling a Led Zeppelin meets new millennium rock demigod histrionics, White Light Riot, is the band that is featured in the below YouTube video ad for Sacre Bleu wine, the new “template for a wine ad.”

Ironically, if given a choice of any way to spend a night out, I would, undoubtedly choose live music—the visceral experience, to me, provides me a jolt of energy and creativity.  I think Sacre Bleu is onto to something here. 

Sacre Bleu wine is a fantastic little wine company, tapping into a youthful zeitgeist.  The brand owner, Galen Struwe, found my blog, when I referenced them as being a part of a documentary, focused on wine and Generation Y, that was featured at the recent Sonoma Film Festival.  Another documentarian, B. Napa, released his short, called “Crush,” as a precursor to developing a full feature length documentary, sponsored by Don Sebastiani & Sons.  A portion of Don Sebastiani & Sons product portfolio is carried by the Indianapolis Distributor, Crossroad Vintners.  Crossroads is the same distributor that carries Twisted Oak.  Folks in the wine blogosphere know Twisted Oak, for sure.  Crossroads is also now carrying Sacre Bleu in Indiana. 

It’s a small world.  But, make no mistake, this isn’t your dads Châteauneuf-du-Pape—these are lush, fruit-driven wines meant to be enjoyed.  If you’re looking for a wine brand that epitomizes this whole “Generation Y drinks imports” thing than look no further than these guys.

What Sacre Bleu and Galen are doing, from a marketing perspective, is cutting edge, for the wine business.  They have found a market that is a ripe audience for their above-average quality product and they are communicating to their customer in a way that they want to receive information— page included, and their almost 3000 friends.

And, on top of all that, the wine is good.  I was able to sneak some samples from the Indiana distributor and I’ve tasted through the chard, merlot, pinot and cabernet with friends (saving both of the blends for me)—and they are all nice, high-quality, easy-drinking wines, the kind of wine I might want if I were out, enjoying some nightlife with friends, or live music.

With that, I’d like to give Sacre Bleu a hearty “Hoosier” welcome as they begin their launch in the Indiana market.  We’re glad to have you!  Now, I just have to find out when the next “Rock the Wine” event is in Indy.  The Vogue, The Patio, Radio/Radio, Music Mill and several others are all great music venues.  Or, check out

I hope these venues have shatter resistant wine glasses—all the better for enjoying wines that are a 10 and music with the volume turned to 11.



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I can’t wait to have a taste of this new variety. Wine and music really go together.

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