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Blogs that Cook!

I have secrets. 

No ‘midget, marijuana and naked Michelle in a dorm room’ stories here.  Oh, I have those, too, its just I will never reveal those. After all, I went to Ball St., mostly known for matriculating David Letterman and familiarizing thousands of freshmen with 1.8 GPA’s every fall before they are permanently re-acquainted with their hometown the following summer. 

No, this is present-day, deep throat stuff. Perhaps not a scandalous, ‘eliminate myself from public office’ type of secret that goes in and stays in “the vault,” but certainly a circumstance that could invite questions about whether I’m letting down the brotherhood. 

I do not keep a wine tasting journal.  Yet, ahem, I keep a recipe journal.

I know of no other man in my realm of friends and acquaintance that collects recipes like baseball cards.

I feel lonely like that one guy in America that actually reads Playboy for the articles.

I have three recipe journals and a need for a fourth.  I buy unused, but used Saveur recipe journals from Marketplace for $3.

I also have a penchant for 70’s era country music,  the dulcet tones of Dolly Parton singing “Jolene” gets me every time, but that is a post for another day…

I hasten to add to this recipe journal admission that I find nothing more relaxing than reading a food magazine.  Any food magazine will do. As long as there are pictures and recipes, I am good. 

I clip recipes from these magazines and I put them in my recipe journal.

When I heard a rumor earlier this year that Gourmet magazine might go out of business, my heart skipped a beat.

I do not do a whole lot of cooking, though.  It is not that I cannot cook.  I got along just fine for those 14 intervening years in between leaving for college and getting married; it is just that my wife is a great cook. 

The fact is, only in rare circumstance do I use said recipe from aforementioned recipe journal.

Just the same, I like having it as a comfort, and I like keeping recipes because you never know when I might have to whip up something crazy good on short notice.

Well, mostly, it could not be on short notice because I would have to buy cedar planks suitable for grilling and soak them for 6 hours before I could do the grilled cedar plank salmon with a brown sugar and Dijon mustard crust, but you get the point. 

Likewise, if my wife ever realizes that this onanistc blogging thing is turning me into a complete ne’er-do-well, I am prepared to fend for myself with food weaponry more advanced than a frozen bag or a can. 

Oddly, though, as I have mentioned in the past, it is somewhat confounding to me that food and wine blogs remain somewhat isolated endeavors.  Mostly, each community keeps to its niche self, creating stinky self-serving vacuums that is something akin to farting in the shower.

I was reminded of this the other day (food blogs, not the fart in the shower) because the trailer for Julie and Julia was released online.

An early blogger, starting in 2002, Julie Powell chronicled her adventure in cooking by blogging all 524 recipes in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume I.

Writing that blog led to a book deal, which led to a movie deal, a movie that comes out in August starring Amy Adams and Meryl Streep.

I don’t know Julie Powell, but I do know that her blog, archived for posterity, is very good, as is her book, which she autographed for me as a gift to my wife for an anniversary present two years ago.

Despite the fact that printed out recipes from blogs don’t quite have the same charm as actual food magazines, here are a couple that I read that are good, as well as the trailer for Julie and Julia.

Please, though, let’s keep my secret between you and me.  You know, I do have friends that drink Miller Light and think a trip to Vegas is culture. I gotta keep up appearances and I don’t want to totally let down the brotherhood.

Noble Pig


The Pioneer Woman


Michael Ruhlman


Julie & Julia the Movie


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On 05/04, dhonig wrote:

I, too, read Playbody for the articles.

















and have a recipe journal.

On 05/05, Dylan wrote:

You’re not alone. I just cleaned out my grandmother’s house who passed-on a while ago. She had all these recipes written by hand, some invented by her, others were details passed to her from her grandmother. I’m not an avid collector, but these are recipes worth keeping. What they are is a link to the type of cooking that has made that side of my family content for generations. There’s a lot more to the saying “you are what you eat,” than we’re willing to give credit.


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