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Praise for Good Grape:  A Wine Manifesto

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Good Grape is ranked the #1 most influential wine blog out of 4,000 blogs in 2011 Wine, Beer and Spirits study by eCairn, a software company specializing in community and influencer marketing—March, 2011

- Publisher Note from Jeff Lefevere

“Good Grape: A Wine Manifesto is one of very few contemporary wine bloggers who writes like an actual columnist: articulate, insightful, and often funny. The main difference is he actually connects with today’s young and young-at-heart wine audience, pertinent to both the passionate wine consumer and the wine business at-large.

Good Grape’s success in the relatively new blog and online wine culture is a reflection of the larger growth of wine culture in the United States and audiences looking for new “voices.”

I won’t be surprised to see traditional and emerging areas of wine information and promotion continuing to collide, resulting in talented new voices like Good Grape writing for larger, more “fortified” (couldn’t resist the dessert wine pun) media outlets in the future.”

- Arthur Black, 1st place in 2008 Best Young Sommeliers USA Championships / Master Sommelier candidate

“Jeff Lefevere writes in a lovable way about geeky aspects of the wine world.”

- Anne Schamberg, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

“We are seeing before our very eyes the next generation of famous wine writers emerging from the ranks of blogging by going beyond blogging. “Many are called but few are chosen” and it looks like Jeff is one of the chosen few.”

- Steve Heimoff, Wine Critic, Wine Enthusiast magazine, Writer,

“Insightful, witty, and eloquent, Jeff’s long form prose at Good Grape is a novel, perceptive glimpse (into) the wine industry (that) will linger in your thoughts long after you’ve devoured it.
The content offers both reflective and introspective commentary on what influences the dynamic wine business. His writing exudes a strong sense of integrity (as well as a) cultural curiosity that translates into some of the most relevant wine writing I’ve encountered today.”

-Stephanie Schoch, Reader / Marketing Manager at Air & Water

“I read a lot about wine but your manifesto is for me the bible of wine, a must read for everyone related to trade.”

- Christophe Pans, Export Manager at Dyonisos Wines, Chile

“Jeff deserves more opportunity…his writing is insightful and (his) cut-to-the-chase pithiness always provides fun and valuable context.”

-Adam Japko,

“You are one of the brightest thinkers and most cogent wine business writers I’ve come across, period. Keep up the good work!”

- Ian Malone, Managing Director, Fund Manager, Premier Pacific Vineyards

“Your creativity and insight into the world of wine has led me to a better understanding for what I do.  Thanks for building a wine world that is much larger than it would be without your work.”

- Alan Baker, Owner, Cartograph Winery

Wine Blog of the month - Good Grape - August, 2009

... when you start to dig into Good Grape further, you realize that not only is this blog a pretty face (winner of the American Wine Blog Awards Best Graphics award), but it has a hell of a lot of substance. I’ve been following Jeff for a while now and he continues to impress, every step of the way. Thanks, Jeff, for bringing this blog to life and for all the contributions you make to the worlds of wine and blogging.

- R.J. Hilgers, author of R.J.‘s Wine Blog

“I love your blog and work.” 

- Jess Altieri, Founder, WineChannelTV

“Can’t believe I didn’t find till now. It’s a boat load of awesome with a sprinkling of goosebumps!”


”(When I) came across your blog, Good Grape, (I) loved it. First of all, your blog design is simply delicious. I feel that it captures what drinking wine should be—a celebration! I find your posts to be very insightful and thought-provoking…”

- Karla Calinawan, Lot18

“Your blog design, your vibe, your writing style is just…. sweet!!!!”

– Kristi Colvin, Founder, Chief Creative Officer, FreshID

“…One of the web’s greatest wine bloggers.”

- Lisa Mattson, Director of Communications, Jordan Vineyard and Winery

“I find your writing extremely insightful and to-the-point.  Thank you for your blog and your passion to bring wine to the masses.”

- Jeff V, reader

”...your blog really rocks!  I totally love it!”

- Dawna Graham, reader

“Good Grape:  An artistically informed “Wine Manifesto,” Good Grape takes a refreshing, journalistic, analytical magnifying glass to wine and the culture surrounding it. Rather than rating particular wines, posts address general interest questions relevant to the budding wine connoisseur.

Why We Love It: Postings are as poetic as they are accessible; indeed, the blog is directed towards the “pragmatically idealistic” and “intellectually curious.” The blog has a unique and imaginative voice, and posts are original and insightful.

Our Favorite Post: On Tasting Pomegranates and the Next Tasting Sensation”

- Ranked as the #1 Wine Blog / Source:

“After a couple minutes of reading the Good Grape you’ll notice a few things.  One is that Jeff isn’t taking himself too seriously, which is nice.  More importantly, you’ll also notice that he’s made one of the most well respected wine blogs on the internet, without doing a ton of reviews on his blog.” 

- Mark Aselstine, Owner, Uncorked Ventures

“Jeff Lefevere, founder and editor of the award-winning site Good Grape: A Wine Manifesto, removes the velvet rope that often closes off the subject of wine. No friend to the wine snob, Lefevere’s writing is accessible but never simplistic; every post offers intelligent insight into the wine business or culture as a whole.”

-Carly Wray,

“Jeff consistently write(s) the best wine business commentary anywhere.”

“I must admit I love your site, eye candy for sure, but packed with great content.”

- Susanne Hindle Kher,

“Love your blog and website, a must for all wine enthusiasts”

-PocketWine iPhone App

- Quote #1 David Honig, Publisher, Palate Press (

“There are very few people in the world of wine blogging as well respected as Jeff Lefevere, and very few sites as honored as Good Grape.”

- Quote #2 David Honig, Publisher, Palate Press

“I don’t read many blogs, but there are a few on my GoogleReader that I am nearly always glad to catch up on. One of my favorites is”

- Susan Appleget Hurst, Former Editor at Better Homes & Garden, Freelance writer and blogger

“Please, please continue writing your marvelous, insightful blog…it’s the best one out there.  I love your writing, integrity, knowledge…and refreshing lack of ego.”

- Christine Jones, Central Coast Vintner and author of ONE VINTAGE:  A Year in the Vineyard

”(Good Grape) is a benchmark blog to be sure, and a continual source of information for us.”

- Philip Muzzy, Proof Wine Collective

“Good Grape is one of my favorite wine blogs. Written by Jeff Lefevere, the blog always digs deep into the world and business of wine. I think of it as the New Yorker of wine blogs as it’s rare to see wine coverage of such depth in the blogosphere (or really in mainstream consumer press).”

- Tim Elliott,

“You have a wonderful blog. Thanks for taking so much time to make it interesting and clever and beautiful!”

Susan Dively, An everyday person who loves wine

”(Good Grape) is unique, thought provoking, and all around intriguing. Good Grape: A Wine Manifesto is the only wine site of its kind written in an op-ed/ columnist style; so yes as you can imagine takes on “the sacred grapes” (that) sometimes produces a juice a little too tannic for some and yet this is exactly how Good Grape: A Wine Manifesto has become one of the top wine blogs on the internet. Uncommon, diverse and stimulating Good Grape: A Wine Manifesto gets the juices flowing. Once you begin the Good Grape: A Wine Manifesto journey there’s no going backwards.”

- Christine Najac, South Florida Food and Wine

“Jeff Lefevere writes a blog entitled the the Good Grape, and it exists “outside the beltway”. He is not part of the old boys’ network. He is unfailingly honest. He is insightful. His blog is must reading because he sees the wine world at arm’s length when so many of us who write about wine see it from the inside ... Now, not all of those wine bloggers were new to the game, of course, but there, in the midst of the young and intrepid a man with a longer vision and a keen eye for truth, no matter where it came from. (Good Grape is) the most professional/insider of the “new writer” wine blogs even though he views the wine world from the outside. It is also a blog that has a freshness, a sense of vitality, a quest for what is coming next. It is an everyday read for me ...”.

-Charles Olken, Publisher, Connoisseurs’ Guide to California Wine

“I look at the efforts of folks like Joe Roberts (1WineDude), Jeff Lefevere (Good Grape), Derrick Schneider (An Obsession With Food) and I sense that I am looking at the next generation, the guys who will take the place of the folks like me, Mr. Heimoff, Jim Laube, Robert Parker, Dan Berger and you name it–all of whom are simply going to age out of this biz at some point.”

-Charlie Olken, Publisher, Connoisseurs’ Guide to California Wine

“It is always good to stop by and read your work. Best on the web.”

- Jim, a reader, Chicago, IL

“Your writing - and Good Grape, specifically - can only be described as remarkable. There aren’t many (wine bloggers) that break through the noise to reach a larger audience and command respect. The success of Good Grape starts with the quality of the writing and the astute analysis.”

- Evan Dawson, Morning Anchor 13 WHAM (ABC), Rochester, NY / Finger Lakes Editor, New York Cork Report / Author, 2011 book on Finger Lakes wine

In response to the question, “What wine blog deserves wider recognition?”

“I would cast a nod toward 1WineDude and GoodGrape as deserving wider recognition. They both have a very distinctive style on top of being able to pick excellent and timely topics.”

- Wine writer, W.R. Tish

“I’m a big fan of your blog and writing!”

- Mark Oldman, Author of Oldman’s Guide to Outsmarting Wine and Oldman’s Brave New World of Wine / Judge on wine reality show, The Winemakers

“One glance at the Good Grape will have you hooked. Jeff Lefevere’s blog is chock full of engaging wine biz news and personal tasting anecdotes.”

- Imbibe Magazine

”… A terrific writer.  I’d describe your style as bold and crisp with a lingering note of smartness.”

-Susan Holmer, PR, Terlato Wines International

“Jeff Lefevere’s Blog, Good Grape: A Wine Manifesto, is one of the GO TO sources of wine insight on the Internet. This is a man capable of taking complex technological, cultural and commercial ideas and interests and synthesizing them into something coherent and new and useful.”

- Tom Wark, Fermentation, Quote #1

“Jeez, I love reading your stuff!  Keep on wordmongering ...”

- Lewis Perdue, Publisher, Wine Industry Insight

“Been reading (Good Grape) ... By far the best business wine blog going. Nice work.”

- Tom Wark, Fermentation, Quote #2

”(Jeff at Good Grape) has the best-looking wine blog in all of the blog-o-world.  If his blog design were a person, it would be Warren Beatty, and it would walk around with a smile and a demure but slightly aloof stance, confident that your wife would do him in a heartbeat and not even think twice about you or your kids, because he’s just that cool.

He (I mean Jeff, not the personified Beatty-esque incarnation of Jeff’s blog) is also a phenomenally talented writer; his prose puts the writing on the majority of wine blogs (including some of those penned by professional writers) to shame.”

-Joe Roberts, 1WineDude (Quote #1)

“By most counts, Jeff Lefevere’s should be a total flop.  The posts are long.  They demand attention to comprehend fully. They’re not quickly scanable.  And to top it all off, he’s in the midwest – not exactly the hotbed of the wine world.  But… Jeff writes so well, and does it so consistently, that it almost defies belief.  His blog is also gorgeous ... it is a must read for me.”

-Joe Roberts, 1WineDude (Quote #2)

“Tough call, but my favorite wine blog out there is Good Grape - design, content, brand, all incredible stuff.”

- Ashley Daigneault, Caster Communications

“I (read other top blogs).  You top them all with your writing skills, objectiveness and relevancy.”

-Neil Monnens, Publisher, Wine BlueBook

“I LOVE your blog! You do a great job!”

- J’nai Gaither, Wine Consultant, Flow Wine Group

“Intelligent wine industry commentary (and a) refreshing point of view from someone who’s willing to take a stand.”

- Kristi Taaffe, Founder, Juice Box Direct, Former Dir. of Marketing at Foster’s Wine Estates, Former VP of Marketing at Inertia Beverage Group

“Your blog rocks.  I love your writing style and commentary.”

-Bill Smart, Dry Creek Vineyard

”...One of the few wine-related blogs that I enjoy – and find thought-provoking.”

- Agent Red, Wine Spies

“If you are not reading Jeff’s thoughtful wine blog you are officially remiss”

-Richard Shaffer, Israeli Wines Direct (Quote #1)

“I can’t get enough of the great wine writing over at Run there and start reading!”

-Richard Shaffer, Israeli Wines Direct (Quote #2)

”... informative and thought-provoking musings on Good Grape.”

- Cinde Dolphin, Marketing for Mavericks

“I’m a huge fan of your blog ...”

- Tracy Howard, Associate Editor, Imbibe Magazine

Joe Roberts from 1WineDude, Jeff Lefevere from Good Grape, Megan at (Wannabe Wino), and the aforementioned Tom from Fermentation, along with the founding wine blogs of Vinography and Dr. Vino, and Wine Enthusiast’s Steve Heimoff are clearly the leaders to a great many of us in the blogosphere

- Kevin Keith, Liquor Direct Wine & Spirits / Author of the wine blog Under the Grape Tree

“You have some of the most interesting and thoughtful wine-related posts in the wine blogosphere.”

-Ken W.,

“I find your writing to be almost always fun and generally thought-provoking.”

- Don Clemens, Good Grape Reader

“Always love your prose Jeff. I find your writing has a certain P.G. Wodehouse flair—particularly when read in the voice of Hugh Laurie.”

- Becky Borichevsky, Smells Like Grape (

“Your blog continues to blow me away ... (you’re) shaping the future of wine writing through blogging.”

-Jo Diaz, Partner ~ Diaz Communications

“You have one of the best wine business blogs, with a refreshing outsider point of view. Good Grape is on my must read list every week.”

-Amy Atwood -  My Daily Wine

“Like wine? Witty commentary? … Then The Good is for you!”

-Life in the Kinky & Nikki-Dom

“I do not know a whole lot about wine, but I really like your blog. It is well written and informative and is wonderfully designed.”

- Eric, Good Grape Reader

“I love ur site”

-Gary Vaynerchuk, Wine Library TV

“Your writing never ceases to amaze and humble me.”

- Anna Miranda, Terlato Wines International

“Great blog, gives me more to aspire for!”

-Erin Thomas, a Bottle a Week

“I love your blog!  … Not just endless reviews of wines, but information. Way to go!”

-Ryan Evans, Reader

“You do great work.”

-Craig Camp, General Manager, Cornerstone Cellars

“Your design is killer for sure, but the content is even better!”

-Hardy/Dirty South Wine

“Love the blog - really well done and thoughtful posts.”

-RJ’s Wine Blog

“Your blog hits home with me - as both a winemaker but, more importantly, as a consumer.”

-Larry Schaffer – Tercero Wines

“Your efforts to encourage more consumers to enjoy wine should be welcome by all.”

-Ron McFarland – New Zealand Food Wine

“Love the site.  Most wine bloggers take themselves super serious but I’m glad to see you don’t.”

-Alison Smith - York County Convention and Visitors Bureau

“lovelovelove the site!”

-Amanda Deveaux, Sr. Account Exec., Evins Communication

“I am very impressed with the breadth of content and creativity of your writing. It is a breath of fresh air to read.”

-Sarah Osteen, Harvard Business Publishing

“We love your blog! So well designed and fun.”

-Anya Mills – Popptags

“You’re doing a great job—there is so much hype about wine out there that it is refreshing to read something that is honest and down to earth.”

-Marc Caparone – Caparone Winery

“Seriously, Jeff, you give wine blogging a good name ... (You’re) the only wine blog that matters!”

- Galen Struwe, Sacre Bleu Wine (Quote #1)

“If wine writing had truth serum to dispense and if it had guttural poets, Lefevere would be our Pete Townsend.  When it comes to getting to the lyrical point of it all the bottom line is never far away.”

- Galen Struwe, Sacre Bleu Wine (Quote #2)

“In this time of short attention spans and Twitter-dominated communication, Jeff’s long-format Op-Ed style is refreshing.  Thankfully the wine blogosphere has people with Jeff’s writing talent and passion for the subject of wine.  If you don’t read Good Grape, you should.  It is, by far, one of the very best wine related sites ‘out there.’ “

- Frank Morgan, Drink What You Like

”(One) of my FAVORITE wine blogs ... always, entertaining and informative.”

- Corey Abrams, Intertia Beverage Group

“Here’s a blog that is entirely unique. Its content is focused on business and culture as related to wine. That could be pretty dry. Thankfully it’s not because the author is dedicated to understanding the experience of wine. That pre-occupation with experience shows through in the visual experience he gives his readers. It’s a downright beautiful presentation.”

- California Farmer magazine

“Honey, I think you have the best wine blog out there.  You’re the only wine blog I read, but I’m sure it’s the best!”


Have something nice to say about Good Grape:  A Wine Manifesto?  Send an email to me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). If you include your mailing address, I’ll send you some swag as a thank-you for the kind words.


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