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Wine Holidays

The global wine world as it plays out in the United States is complex, fragmented and distracted. There are so many competing interests and so many niche affinity groups that it's nearly impossible to understand. Likewise, it's nearly impossible to organize. It's like our political world in action. However, at least in politics, you have party lines to ideologically align with. Not so in wine, at least in a broad sense.

What we're left with is a jambalaya stew of competing varietals, brands, wineries, corporations, imports, distributors, retailers and customer preferences.

It's beautiful chaos.

However, the one thing that consumers can control, enabled by technology, is how and when we celebrate with wine. Hundreds of thousands of people make wine a small daily ritual in their life, allowing wine to accompany their meal in the European tradition, a small gesture that leads to a genteel, graceful lifestyle.

The other way we can control our wine celebrations is to acknowledge and develop a wine holiday calendar -- days that are denoted as a source of festivity befitting an enjoyable bottle of wine.

This page is a small step in that direction. Below, I've outlined eight holidays that I believe are fitting for wine celebration -- some have been created elsewhere, some are generally acknowledged and some I have created.

I hope by including a badge on your site and celebrating with me, the online wine community can build a celebratory calendar of wine holidays that will build momentum over the years.

As always, "Celebrate the Good Grape."


Dorothy & John's Open that Bottle Night

John James Dufour Day

Robert Mondavi Day

Robert Mondavi Day

Judgment of Paris Day

Blessing of the Grapes


Prohibition Repeal Day

New Year's Eve


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