The Very Best Place to Live for a Wine Lover

Add another tiny ripple to the groundswell that is the Washington wine scene…

…A quick hitter for a Wednesday…

I examined three recent pieces of research for correlations in between wine consumption by state, overall happiness by state and ranking of “healthiness” by state using the following sources of research:

1) Top wine consuming states by volume (Wine Handbook data from 2006)

2) Gallup Healthways Well-being Index (Measures the “Happiest” states, Nov. 2009)

3) United Health Foundation rank of “Healthiest” states (Nov. 2009)

I hypothesized that there would be a strong correlation in between top wine consuming states and general happiness and health.  The reason being, in pop analysis, is that wine promotes an erudite, moderate lifestyle that would (should?) equate to a general state of well-being and healthiness.  Or, at least, that’s what you might think.  The reality is—not so much. 


In fact, there are hardly any correlations between the three pieces of research results examined together.

However, one interesting pattern does emerge – Massachusetts seems to be the place to be (despite their ongoing wine shipping battles).  And, without question, if somebody was looking for a place to move that combined a wine industry, wine consumption, a “happy” state of being and a “healthy” state of being, the winner would no doubt be Washington!