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Samples and Sponsorship

Statistics from December 2009

Monthly Unique Visitors: 32,000 +

# of total articles on site: 1000 +

Monthly Page Views: 400,000 +

Monthly Total Hits: 1,000,000 +

If you are a winery interested in providing samples for review, please send them to:

Jeff Lefevere
13217 Abbots Place
Carmel, IN 46033
AOL Instant Messenger: jelefevere1

Please include any hard copy sales and marketing materials that you would customarily provide to the trade.

All samples will be tasted, but not guaranteed for inclusion in a post on the site unless you also secure a sponsored review. Wine samples, however, at the discretion of the author, may be reviewed without sponsored review. To ensure inclusion on the site, a sponsored review is the best bet. You may also request one-to-one feedback on my wine assessment, as well. Please simply request my thoughts via email.

All prices below are USD. Payment is via Paypal to

How to Get Started

If you wish to advertise on the site, you do not need to contact me ahead of time. However, all non wine and food related advertising will be rejected and refunds issued. If you are in the gourmet food/foodie or wine business, your advertising is likely acceptable to site brand standards.

For advertisers, please pay via Paypal and then send me an email with your art. Once payment has been verified, the advertising will be placed on the site for the period of time paid for. Advertising is placed on the site within 72 hours of receipt.

If you are sponsoring a review, please email me first so I can build an email rapport with you and make contact for any additional background materials I may require. In many cases, it is less expensive for me to buy in the local market than it is to ship. If your wine is distributed in Indiana, please check to see if I can source locally.

Once I receive the samples and payment has been received via Paypal, I will update you with a timeline for the post.

Sponsorship Options

Option 1: Sponsored Review

Sponsored Review w/ winery provided samples: Cost $125.00

Sponsored Review w/o samples; requires Good Grape acquisition: $175.00

What you receive: One article written reviewing your winery/brand and the wine; minimum 500 word count

Availability: Must be pre-approved with author by email:

Benefits: The article is focused on your winery/wine/brand/web presence/unique selling proposition and you receive in-text links providing value in exposure and search engine optimization


This is not pay-per-post! The author retains all rights to a subjective, unbiased review of the wine in positioning an article of interest to the audience. There are no guarantees whatsoever of a flattering post, though only in rare circumstance do we not find a unique story angle with most wines and wineries. In the authors sole discretion, he can reject a sample sponsorship for reasons of integrity or conflict of interest. Full disclosure will be made at the bottom of the post that the article was prompted by winery sampling, consistent with FTC guidelines and blogging standards of transparency.

Option 2: Banner Ad

Cost: $175 1 month for above the fold /$450 for 3 months
Acceptable banner sizes are: 120 x 240 & 180 x 150
You may change your ad with new art at any time

Cost: $150 1 month for below the fold /$375 for 3 months
Acceptable banner sizes are: 120 x 240 & 180 x 150
Below the fold paid advertising also includes a post thanking the sponsor

Thank you for your consideration in partnership with Good Grape. Celebrate the Good Grape!


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