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Good Grape Wine Company

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About Good Grape: A Wine Manifesto

You can reach Jeff Lefevere at: or via AOL Instant Messenger at: jelefevere1

My shipping address is:

Jeff Lefevere | C/O Good Grape | 484 E. Carmel Dr., Ste. 124 | Carmel, IN 46032 | 317-490-5637

Good Grape: A Wine Manifesto is an "outside the beltway" insider's perspective on the business of wine written for wine enthusiasts that want to peek behind the wine industry's cultural "lifestyle" curtain.

The site is amongst the top 3% of all web sites in terms of traffic. In addition, it's amongst the top 1% of all wine web sites -- that means if you're here, #1 I'm thankful and #2 You're in select company. I would appreciate it if you would subscribe to the RSS feed or via email.

The only blog of its kind, taking an accessible, general interest op-ed/columnist approach, the site is updated 4-6 times a week with the freshest thinking, thought-leadership and perspective.

Pragmatically idealistic for the intellectually curious, Good Grape: A Wine Manifesto is a wine blog and web site for wine enthusiasts, poets, artists, romantics, lovers, liberals and rock stars. Connoisseurs, collectors and the wine elite might be more comfortable elsewhere.

While being opinionated, yet pithy, Good Grape: A Wine Manifesto focuses on taking on sacred cows, wine news, current events and wine analysis (not criticism), wine culture, personalities, marketing, new ideas and the occasional cartoon, viewed through the lens of the wine glass; the sum of the parts of why we, "Celebrate the Good Grape."

Regarded in the wine blogosphere as a top 10 wine blog out of the hundreds (thousands?) that populate the Internet, The site design itself is one that encompasses the notion of "Paris in the 1920s as a rock poster" and includes blackbirds carrying the "Good Grape: A Wine Manifesto" banner. This is an homage to the French as "Merlot" translated means "Young Blackbird."

In addition, the birds can be tied to a popular quote from the 1940s that had a record producer saying to Miles Davis:

"Miles, you hear that bird outside the window? He's a mockingbird. He don't have a sound of his own. He copies everybody else's sound and you don't want to do that ..."

At this site, those definitely are not mockingbirds in the iconography, they are blackbirds. Good Grape is occasionally (and politely) rancorous and sometimes provocative, making its own sound.

A journalist by education, Jeff Lefevere and Good Grape: A Wine Manifesto have been mentioned or featured in Wired Magazine, The Indianapolis Star, Wines & Vines, Wine Business Monthly, the Grand-Junction Daily Sentinel, Mutineer Magazine, Imbibe Magazine and the book Wine Politics by Tyler Colman. In addition, a post Jeff wrote has been included in a Harvard Business case study. A four time finalist, and three time winner in the annual American Wine Blog Awards (the only four time nominee), Good Grape is syndicated online to the Chicago Sun-Times, the San Diego Union Tribune, The Philadelphia Inquirer, NPR, Reuters and many other mainstream news sites. In addition, Jeff is a member of the American Wine Society, the Society of Wine Educators and is an Advisory Council member for the trade and consumer wine events company, Wine 2.0.

For a list of kudos and accolades from readers, site visitors, and taste arbiters please visit the "Praise" section on the main page.

About The Author

Jeff Lefevere You can reach Jeff Lefevere at: or via AOL Instant Messenger at: jelefevere1

Growing up in a classic, middle-class Baby-Boomer household, my exposure to beverage alcohol was to my father's beer, not wine --and his preference was the fire-brewed sharpness of Stroh's--about as far removed as possible from elegant terroir-based wine, and certainly not a drink anybody would call "austere."

I became interested in wine shortly after college, around the same time I bought my first set of golf clubs --I figured I had to decode both of these adult pursuits in order to advance my career. I quickly abandoned golf when wine became a more pleasurable and simpler pursuit. I've since spent the last 15 years studying wine from both a business and consumer perspective.

An inveterate consumer of information if I'm passionate about a subject, I've read hundreds of books on wine, the business of wine, and the wine industry. If there was a correspondence Bachelor's degree in Wine and Wine Business from a mountain of books, I'd have it; Phi Beta Kappa in the Vinous Arts.

I have held Sales and Marketing leadership positions with technology companies in the Midwest. With a successful background in business development, I offer expert experience in bringing ideas to their development, facilitation and execution in large-scale projects.

In my spare time, I spend time with my beautiful wife Lindsay and our dog, Coco.


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