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Joseph Phelps Insignia

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On 02/15, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) wrote:

vampire I’m not a name whore, but this wine is smokin’
It’s a fleshy Napa Cab, but elegant at the same time

On 09/29, Garden Furniture wrote:

The bottle is from a good year but the body of this wine is lite since was made to drink it with almost any meal you have.

On 10/09, versace 4127 wrote:

Napa Valley whit another excellent wine bottle.

On 10/30, Mac @ Motorcycle Fairing wrote:

Although this bottle is a table wine, I bet taste really good!

On 03/05, Home Accents wrote:

No value in a table wine. It’s just regular wine but nothing great to highlight.

On 04/13, Mexican Breakfast wrote:

I wonder if we have this bottle here at the local store. Can I get this one online??

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On 05/16, French Wine wrote:

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On 07/23, building bridges wrote:

Thinking if this really tastes good.

On 08/20, Synthetic Rattan wrote:

May I know how old is that wine fermented?

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On 11/07, Huria wrote:

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On 02/03, shubham wrote:

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On 08/02, Mark Ton wrote:


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On 04/19, صيانة بوش wrote:

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On 08/07, Sofia Locke wrote:


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On 04/25, Buy Real Xanax Online wrote:

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On 11/03, AriaMedTour wrote:

Wow! This wine looks Delicious and excellent!
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