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Caparone Cabernet

40 people have commented

On 09/29, Garden Furniture wrote:

Not so popular to find bottles from 1996 and also to find good cavernet from that year.

On 10/09, versace 4127 wrote:

Good wine. I Like vintage 1996.

On 10/15, vev from teak furniture wrote:

It seems to be a good wine.

On 10/30, Mac @ Motorcycle Fairing wrote:

Very classy bottle.. I like it!!

On 03/05, Home Accents wrote:

Another good option from the long list of Cabs!

On 04/13, Mexican Breakfast wrote:

This Cabernet is one of my favorite bottles!! Excellent

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On 07/12, caffeine wrote:

The ‘unfiltered’ part scares me a little, who knows who was stepping on the grapes smile

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