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Wine Blogging Wednesday:  Silver Burgundy

Note to self:  Do not, under any circumstance, go back to the large Indianapolis wine shop that I hate to go to, even though they have the largest and best Int’l wine selection in the city, without a definite shopping game plan to get in and out without engaging the staff. 


Because if their scurrilous retail price gouging isn’t enough to tip you over the edge, than their brow beating retail sales people are …

Alain, the same guy that over charged me on Saturday for to many discarded Opus One and Grange wooden boxes (they charge $6 bucks per box—can you believe it – for something they get for free for buying the wine it comes in—and I bought three and was charged for six) is the same guy that got mad (very annoyed) at the notion of “Silver Burgundy.”

Hey, I’ll be the first to admit, I’m no Francophile, and the mistake was mine, I should have never mentioned “Silver Burgundy” but Alain got down right mad when I suggested that I was looking for a “Silver Burgundy—something from the Côte Chalonnaise and the Mâconnais.  I have to bring a bottle to a tasting tonight.”

Go ahead, you can have a laugh at my expense; it was truly a Clark Griswold moment.  I didn’t read Brooklynguy’s post close enough.  So, Alain, the Frenchman, probably by way of his parents eating baguettes in Detroit, floor salesperson, says, “Who said Silver Burgundy? Was it Joe from National?” 

He was mad that somebody was spreading bad information and apparently had it on good account that somebody at National (a distributor) was the idiot.  I quickly retreated and then over-explained that “No, no, it’s an online tasting, a Wednesday once a month, everybody gets wine around a theme and …oh, forget it.” 

He quickly looked like he still had some residual anger left over from being mad at the stooge that was telling me to buy a “Silver Burgundy” (Sorry Brooklynguy, while I didn’t cite you by name, I let the fictitiousness of you as an organizer take the fall) and confused at the online stuff all at the same time.

I quickly grabbed a bottle, to just simply disengage from the verbal intercourse and I picked a bad bottle in the process.

How do I know it’s bad?  Because I may not trust my French wine knowledge, but I do trust my palate and this is one lifeless, thin, tart, mouth drying Burgundy devoid of fruit.  It’s the kind of stuff that you would think would be turned into a cleaning solvent or a fuel by-product by the French when they destroy wine, except, well, this stuff made its way over to the states.

The Matthiew di Brully 2005 Mercurey “La Perriere” is not simply just unexceptional—It’s completely and utterly bad.  How else do I know it’s bad?  I don’t think it’s distributed in very many places.  A search of the Internet—Wine-Searcher, WineZap, etc turns up zero, zilch, nada on this wine—no review, no nothing.  The only thing I could find on this wine was a Cork’d review from “iowines” and a rating of 92 out of 100.  Hmm … 92 out of 100.  “iowines” is based in Des Moines, Iowa … hmmm … let’s look at this wine, why yes, of course, it’s imported by Wine Adventures in Des Moines, Iowa.  What an incredible coincidence.

Despite the miss on the WBW wine, I do take it in stride because I did learn a couple of very valuable things—#1)  Alain is very concerned about the correctness of understanding French wine and “Silver Burgundy” is not correct in his world view and #2) stretching out of my comfort zone is always a good thing because I will go back and find a wine from Côte Chalonnaise or Mâconnais and celebrate Wine Blogging Wednesday properly and more privately on some random Tuesday in the near future.  It will be a “make good” and the point in time I will also secretly apologize to Broonklyguy for letting him take the brunt of the verbal diarreah from Alain when it was my own ineptness in the first place ... ah, well.  What is next month’s theme?


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On 11/14, Wine Scamp wrote:

Love. That. Story.


I also freaked out my own dear wine guy, Sparky, when I referred to “Silver Burgundy,” though luckily I remembered the finger quotes.  I thought a quick reference to the Cote Chalonnaise and Maconnais remedied it, though, and Sparky overcame the shock just fine.

Sorry your bottle was bad, though!  That’s always such a disappointment.

On 11/15, Dale Cruse wrote:

Thanks for the interesting review! I dipped my toes in the Wine Blogging Wednesday waters as well!

On 11/15, Brooklynguy wrote:

Hey Jeff - too bad about the wine, sounds like a mess. Sounds like Alain needs to lighten up a bit too. I bet you’ll get a good bottle next time - try one that gets good notes from the roundup. These are good wines, really. Thanks again-neil


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