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Wine Blogging Wednesday: Just Seven Words/Italian Red

Wine Blogging Wednesday is inspiring this month.  Just seven words is the host request.  It is hard to write with constraint.  Try though, I have, with varying success.

Phew, there you have it—four sentences comprised of seven words.  Bless the poet who can write like that in rhyming couplets.

Now, I just need to do a couple more sentences with actual wine descriptions.  I am beginning to wonder if Andrew created this challenge as some sort of antagonistic vehicle for the most verbose and flowery of the wine bloggers—truly, I am a man of carefully chosen spoken words, but abundant diarrhea of the pen. Therefore, I find the “Just Seven Words” combined with an Italian red to be a bit anachronistic given that, in my minds eye, Italy is the last bastion of Old World de-stressed, non hustle and bustle.  So, compressing something like a wine review into such a short amount of words is something of an oxymoron.  We should all be writing 500 words of linguistic masturbation. 

That said, I have reviewed two nice Italian red wines.  The first is the 2004 Morgante Nero D’Avola (about $17). I did two notes for this one—it is like a choose your own adventure wine review, if you do not like the first one, you can go with the second one …

While Funky on the Nose, it’s Delicious


Cherry Trees in Tobacco Field by Barnyard

The second wine is the 2004 Umbria, IGT, Ca’ Andrea, Carlo Massimiliano Gritti (about $17).  Likewise, I did two notes for this one, as well.

Bitingly Racy with Earthy Ripe Red Fruit


Vintner Makes Production Wine that Tastes Small

Overall, a fun and engaging Wine Blogging Wednesday.  Thanks Andrew!


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On 02/13, Dale Cruse wrote:

I did two descriptions of the same wine also!

On 02/13, Amy wrote:

I loved which way books as a kid, I’d cheat and progress through all of the storylines in parallel. the Nero D’Avola sounds delicious

On 02/14, Nicolas Ritoux wrote:

Wow, four 7-words contributions! Your first is my favorite. However the second wine sounds more exotic… Which one did you actually prefer?

I quoted you on the Vinismo article for that Umbria IGT wine. Feel free to add to it if you want!'_Andrea_Carlo_Massimiliano_Gritti_Umbria

On 02/15, Andrew wrote:

I rather liked “bastion of Old World de-stressed, non-hustle and bustle” but not quite 7 words!

On 07/13, 0.153846153846154 wrote:

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