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Wine Blogging Wednesday #46 - Rhone Whites

Ah, my love affair with my wine mistress.  She is sweet, but dryly intriguing, well-perfumed, mercurial with subtly and power; sometimes fleshy, but always with pleasant dimension.

I love Rhone whites and I particularly love my mistress Viognier which makes this Wine Blogging Wednesday all the more fun.

And, fun though it may be, my luck in picking wines for Wine Blogging Wednesday is not nearly as good as Viognier generally is.

I picked up an inexpensive Argentinean that proved to be a clunker.  Next time, I’ll heed my own advice, as below.



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On 06/11, Dr. Debs wrote:

Ouch. I hear you, though. Viognier can taste like the inside of your aunt’s candy dish if it’s not done right. Thanks for the cartoon and for particpating—we have a radio entry, a Twitter post, and a cartoon now. Talk about a wine 2.0 experience!

On 06/12, Richard Shaffer wrote:

Jeff - I love Viognier as well - I think it can be a good transitional wine for someone who “only drinks red” to make a move into Great Whites - what do you think?


On 06/12, David wrote:

So what’s the name of this clunker we should avoid?  I’ve had some decent Argentine wines for $10 but not viogner…

On 06/12, Jeff wrote:

Thanks for the comments!


Yes, I agree with your assess.  Viognier is plenty sophisticated for any red wine drinker

David - I shouldn’t have been so hasty - it’s a 2005 Las Moras.

It’s actually pretty good, but I always forget a couple of things about Viognier:

1) It opens significantly with air
2) It’s flavors really mute if not almost room temperature

Acutally, for $10 it’s a pretty nice little wine.

All the best,



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