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Wine Blogging Wednesday #30 on February 7th

A momentous occasion and an opportunity for me to make amends for having missed Wine Blogging Wednesday # 29 that took place just two weeks ago.

Tim at Winecast is hosting the February edition and the vino is a new world Syrah/Shiraz.

On an ironic note, the Wine Blogging Wednesday sneaks up quickly this time around because Tim and Lenn from Lenndevours, the original founder, decided to do it early as opposed to late because two of February’s Wednesdays fall on Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday.

Now, as a lapsed Catholic of mythic proportions, and a by-product of 12 years of Catholic schooling, I can say with every ounce of authenticity that I can muster that drinking red wine on Ash Wednesday would be a good thing indeed—and a step up from sacramental wine. 

And, in fact, the more red wine you drink on Valentine’s Day, the better.  Though, I doubt too many spouses would be tolerant of a lot of computer face-time on Valentine’s Day, sacrificing some good quality couple time.

Nonetheless, February 7th is the date.  See you there with an excellent Syrah!


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