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Wine Blogging Wednesday:  ’03 Herdade do Esporao Trincadeira

I was a bit disappointed in October when, based on some business travel and a dearth of Portugese wine in my locale, I had to sit on the sidelines for the Catavino-hosted Portugese table wine themed Wine Blogging Wednesday. 

Alas, as the cliché goes … better late than never …

As a form of a make-good to myself, I picked up the Catavino blogger-pack from

I’m putting together my own blogger-pack in conjunction with in an upcoming month, and the idea is a very good one—a wine blogger makes a few wine recommendations (generally three wines that total $50 or less in order size) and Jill sells it as a three-pack with some promotional support from the blogger.  The Blogger sampler packs gives wine consumers a chance to try wines that are different and not widely available –at all- and it gives the blogger an opportunity to highlight wines he/she has particular knowledge or appreciation for.

The Catavino pack features three beauties:

The 2006 Famega Vinho Verde, a 2003 Esporao Trincadeira, and the 2003 So Touriga Nacional. Rea, Companhia Velha, SA

I pulled the cork on the ’03 Esporao Trincadeira not certain what to expect.  I let it rest for a week or so to offset any potential bottle shock and as the cork slid out of the bottle I distinctly remarked to my wife, “I hope this is good, I’m not in the mood for a crappy wine.”  The comment had less to do with the actual wine—it could have been any random bottle that I picked up—and had to do with a recent bad spat of luck in opening up some clunkers.  No problems, here.  I was not disappointed.  The Esporao is a delicious wine. 

Produced by Herdade do Esporao, the Trincadeira grape is indigenous to Portugal and thrives in hot weather, with poor soil.  This wine, coming from the Alentejo region of Portugal is a stunner that will open your eyes to table reds of the country and the region.

Thanks to Domaine547 for coming up with such a fun idea for the wine blogger packs and special thanks to Catavino for promoting the wines of Portugal and picking out and sharing such a delightful wine.

My tasting note can be found here.


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On 12/03, Jill wrote:


Thanks so much for the kind words. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your tasting notes sheet. Is this something you offer to your readers for their use, or is it just personal? If you do offer it to others, I would love to notify people about it. It would be a great resource for people. And in additional to being useful your design and style is really fantastic (as usual!).

So happy you enjoyed the Trinc. It has been a favorite in the Cat-Pack, though I also love the Só. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on that.




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