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Wine Blogging Wednesday—‘01 Forchir Villa del Borgo Chardonnay

Usually I have a moderately interesting story for my Wine Blogging Wednesday wine selection—some sort of madcap purchasing story, morality tale or taste revelation.

Today is no different.

My white from the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region wine, as stipulated by our gracious hosts, Jack & Joanne from the Fork & Bottle was, in a word, interesting.  My wine selection, which set me back a whopping $7.99, might be the most interesting wine I’ve ever had.  But, you know, interesting in the kind of way where somebody asks you your opinion and you don’t exactly know what to say, but your inclination is negative, so you just say the benign “interesting.”  The wine is so interesting in fact that I’m channeling my inner Chateau Petrograsm—words can’t describe this wine adequately.

So, with that in mind,  the following is a link to my single picture which encapsulates the wine.

‘01 Forchir Villa del Borgo Chardonnay

My tasting note review for the same wine can be found here.


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On 01/17, Sean Sellers wrote:


Another so-so review of a Friuli for WBW 41.

I have to say, we really liked ours at InterWined.  It was a 2004 Sauvignon Sol from Ronco del Gnemiz, Colli Orientali del Friuli DOC.

There was honey, grass, nice minerality, a bit of chalk. And the longer we let it breathe the better it got.


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