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Wine and Video:  A Round-Up of What’s Around

In 2004 Barack Obama brought the house down at the Democratic convention, planting the seeds that brought his presidential candidacy and subsequent victory; a campaign that was significantly aided and abetted by social media, particularly the use of YouTube.

While hard to believe now, YouTube didn’t exist in 2004, launching in February of 2005.

My, how times change. 

Now, the State of the Union address is streamed live on YouTube.  We’re just a couple years off from true convergence of our TV, computers and mobile.  Shit will get crazy then and wineries setting up a Facebook fan page with 300 “fans” will be charmingly quaint and Social Media experts turned “Internet Media Convergence Specialists (IMCS)” will be exhorting a different set of plays from the playbook.

Until then, though, we can still revel in the silo-based fragmentation that is our media consumption with YouTube as the centerpiece.

Below are some recent wine-related videos and some brief commentary:

The Wine Line

I work for a digital design firm—a company that does 2D/3D animation and Flash.  This particular video is made using Flash, so I know the relative craft that goes into making this—and it’s funny to boot.  Kung Pao chicken ... watch it and laugh.  Plus, any hop-on, hop-off winery bus service in Paso can’t be too bad ...


Fallow from Trefethen Family Vineyards on Vimeo.

Trefethen sent out a box a few weeks back.  It said, “Perishable.  Open by April 1st.”  Inside was a 50ml bottle and a note card that said in part:

“Trefethen 2009 Estate Fallow.  This is pure 100% Fallow, grown on a small parcel of our Trefethen family Estate ...this is 100% organic, untouched by the hand of man ... this distinctive wine is brilliantly clear with delicate nuances of the character of Napa Valley Fallow ... it also mixes well with puff pastry, souffles, and savory dishes topped with gastronomic foam ...”

To be honest, my wife and I looked at the bottle for a couple of minutes trying to figure out what the heck was going on because the bottle is empty.  Then, I turned the bottle over and saw, “This is pure trefethen Fallow, bottled to capture the very essence of the Napa Valley; light, delicate, and ethereal.  The perfect match with April Fool’s dinner.”

Of course, “Fallow” is that mystical unicorn-like wine that comes from fallow land.  Land that isn’t planted under vine for a period of restorative time.  This is a cute, clever and nicely done April Fool’s by Hailey and Loren.  Now, if they would have sent the 2005 Reserve Cabernet that Heimoff gave a 99 score, we’d really be on to something ... no joke.

Sutter Home

Amongst online tutorials, CommonCraft is something of the gold standard—pioneers of a style that is oft-imitated.  I can’t tell if CommonCraft did the Sutter Home video, but if not, it’s derivative, though still very nicely done. Check out the Cabernet video here.

Washington Wine

Seattle rapper “DIP” dropped his debut album last year called, “Washington Wine.”  I’m surprised that with all of the mindshare that is being fomented with Washington wine (the industry, not the rapper) an enterprising winery hasn’t embraced this guy with the mad flow.  Look for an after party with DIP at the Wine Bloggers Conference in Walla Walla this June.  DIP will be playing cuts from Washington Wine including the single, “Baby she fine.”


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On 04/18, Funny Pictures wrote:

Trefethen sent out a box a few weeks back.  It said, “Perishable.  Open by April 1st.”  Inside was a 50ml bottle and a note card that said in part:


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