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What the Hell is in the Water in Minnesota?

So, I tune into the Republican National Convention last night to see what a 44 year-old attractive, archconservative, gun-totin’, female Governor, with an infant son, a husband who wins snowmobile races and a teen daughter who is pregnant, a self-styled Hockey Mom, who believes global warming isn’t man made and that drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge seems like a dandy idea, has to say as the VP candidate on the Republican ticket.

And then I hear her talking about energy independence and the wild-eyed, pasty young white dudes and blue hairs in the crowd start getting rowdy and chanting “Drill baby, drill!” in regards to exploring oil in Alaska.

And, while I’m no politico, and stay somewhat neutral to both camps, I’m thinking to myself are these people friggin’ nuts?  If these people aren’t nuts, they have to be drunk.


Sure enough, I think they were plied with some wine to loosen them up prior to Rudy Giuliani’s speech.  Again, I’m not political, but I think the hook needs to come for Giuliani from stage right ... enough with the 9/11 glory mongering. 

A quick bit of research led me to this special wine for all of the RNC convention-goers.  A 2001 for a Chardonnay, too.  Methinks nobody will notice that its probably a nice straw amber color at this point.

But, last nights events make a whole lot more sense now.  Too much wine leads to social lubrication and some crazy cheers like, “Drill, baby, Drill.”


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On 09/05, dhonig wrote:

Hysterical.  On a similar note, will you be participating in WBW#49?


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