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Voting is Now Open for the 2010 Wine Blog Awards

Its been a good week.  First, an Editor at Web100 let me know this site was ranked as the 30th best food and wine blog in a curated list and I found out that Good Grape is a finalist in two categories in the 2010 edition of the Wine Blog Awards.


Certainly, while I’m happy to be a finalist in the categories of “Best Industry or Business Blog” and “Best Graphics, Photography or Presentation,” I’m mostly happy to be the *only* four-time finalist, adding that notch to my belt along with the two wins in the “Best Graphics” category in ‘07 and ‘09. 

I’m not sure why fickleness in not making the cut has come upon excellent blogs like the former Lenndevours in 2008, Dr. Vino in 2009 or Vinography this year, but I’m happy to carry the wine blogging “old school” torch and represent ...

And, I really, really would like to represent with a win that isn’t based on my blog design, which, while very nice, was also very paid for by my checkbook.  I do appreciate the fact that a professional presentation adds to trust in the writing, but my goal has never been to have the prettiest site, it has always been to write well about wine and the business of wine for wine enthusiasts with a beginning, a middle and an end (like an op-ed columnist) while chipping away at the lifestyle facade of wine marketing and to do so in a manner that abuts the quality of professional writers.

I’m getting there slowly, but surely, which might also play into the four-time finalist thing because slow and steady definitely wins the race.

Finally, I’m perpetually thankful to the readers and commenter’s on this site.  The process of researching and writing induces learning and I’ve learned as much in the past four years about wine and the wine business as the previous 10 years combined.

Back to the business at hand, there are a bunch of blogs in various categories that require your vote, so please do vote (here).  Vote for this site, vote for somebody else, but please vote and support wine blogging and thanks again for reading Good Grape:  A Wine Manifesto.


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On 05/25, Lenn Thompson wrote:

Thanks for always kickin’ it old SCHOOOOOL, Jeff.

Good luck. You’ve got my vote—in the paid-designer graphics category smile

Seriously…good luck. There aren’t many of the old guard left it seems!

On 05/26, 1WineDude wrote:

Congrats again.

Know what would be funny?  You redesign your blog temporarily to use the default Wordpress template during the voting period. wink

On 05/26, Mutineer Magazine wrote:

Congrats on the nomination as a finalist .. in TWO categories! The blog is looking great, keep it up!


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