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Vin de Napkin - Wine Snob

A post inspired by the realization that you’re at a party and all of a sudden, you’re “that” guy.  The wine guy that at once inspires interest and disgust.  It happens without forethought, or even an ‘in place’ realization.  After the fact, as you contemplate the evening, you think back and know that you’re guilty of providing too much detail—you discussed cellar space, wine club memberships, bottle prices, climatic conditions and varietal nuance that completely goes over the head of your small talk partner.  He or she just asked what you were drinking.

You’re a wine snob, and it happens so innocently.



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On 05/03, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) wrote:

I thought I was the only one!!  I’m a total noob, shameless and unapologetic…and yet maybe that’s the problem!  With only a year under my belt as a taster I jump right into the taste talk, the chewing, and swirling like my life depended on it.  It did indeed happen so innocently and now I’ve become one of the very people I thought I’d never in a million years become…a wine snob.

Now, having been seamlessly converted into such a creature, I find myself realizing that wine snobs are people, too.  In fact, very good people!  smile  I am still an ignorant blubbering fool when it comes to this but to be honest I hope I stay one.  I hope that no matter how experienced I ever become, it will be with a beginner’s mind.  For my own part, I will try to give the wine snob a good name.  Great post. Thank You.

On 09/15, Vinny | Kitchen Design wrote:

That is just brilliant, what a post and that comment that Benjamin Arnold wrote was even better such honesty, I can’t really class myself as a wine snob, but I do like to smell a new wine that I haven’t had before, and I have a huge problem with people that drink wine from a box.


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