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Vin de Napkin - Twitterific

Some people want to know what time it is, and some people want to know how the watch is made.

My blessing and my curse is I don’t ever do anything half-ass.  My other curse if I have a crippling fear of failure.  I’m either in or I’m not in.  And, if I’m in, I like to have studied up on the subject so I can go in source credible and do whatever I’m doing with a reasonable amount of competence.

I want to know how the watch is made.  Context is everything.  Life isn’t black and white, it’s gradations of gray.

And, so it is that I’m a relatively later adopter of Twitter.  I didn’t want to do it in a half-baked way, babbling nonsense, and I wanted to understand it.  I know, I know, it’s almost 2009.  Am I that dense ...?

While I still don’t know if I completely understand Twitter, I do know that a lot of wine bloggers at the Wine Bloggers Conference were fast friends based on their Twitter relationships.  And, I also know that doing right by wine blogging and the wine social media landscape is important to me.  Now is the time to hitch a ride on this Twitter wagon.  If you’d like to follow me on Twitter, please do so here.


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On 12/12, Dirty wrote:

Welcome to Twitter Senor.

You’ll spend 3wks trying to get it, and then 3 months trying to get away from it.

If Facebook is opium, Twitter is smack…

On 12/12, Sonadora wrote:

Jeff-Welcome to our group…uh, cult…uh, good times!  I do think that Twitter helped me connect faster with people at WBC. I’ve been on Twitter since last March and it’s a great way to constantly chatter with similarly minded folks and get exposure for your blog.  Because of Twitter, I had a place to stay in CA both before and after the WBC, connected with vineyards to go visit, and got to get together with a great group of winos on a work trip to San Francisco.  Plus, it makes me feel a bit more connected to the whole wine world, being fairly far away from the center of action out in CA.

On 12/12, Dale Cruse wrote:

We were wondering what took you so long.

On 12/12, mydailywine wrote:

Welcome to the jungle.
Knowing you, you will thrive, not just survive.

On 12/13, CoreyDTT wrote:

How many books did you read on twitter before you finally joined the family?

On 12/13, Jeff wrote:

Ahem, Corey is a friend so I feel perfectly normal in saying that he is a smart ass.

And, I didn’t read any books.  Read a book to understand how to write 140 characters?  I like to know things, but I’m not that dumb.


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