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Vin de Napkin -R.I.P. Wine-ing 2.0

In case you blinked and missed it, there was a snarky, satire-oriented wine blog called Wine-ing 2.0 that shot out of nowhere in March and started making waves with an aggressive brand of humor before meeting a “lack of updating” death beginning in the middle of April.

Perhaps styled after The Onion, the famous and funny news satire site, but executed with more puckish high school clique-style derisive mockery, the site met some swift rebuttals from several folks who didn’t care for the brand of humor of the anonymous authors.

Many people acknowledge that the wine business and wine enthusiasts are serious, too serious.  I, however, choose to look at it like anything else where you have a smart, literate crowd—cheap shots, toilet humor and the obvious just isn’t going to cut it.  If you want to bring some humor to a wine situation, blogging or otherwise, you better bring your ‘A’ game because you’re not likely going to be the cleverest person in the room.  And, there is a subtle difference between satire and mockery and, unfortunately, Wine-ing 2.0 had too little of the former and too much of the latter.

Personally speaking, I batted nary an eyelash at the site while waiting for my close-up ... a close-up that didn’t come.  The site has been dormant for six weeks and seems unlikely to be revived.  Meanwhile, Good Grape remains unscathed. 

R.I.P Wine-ing 2.0. 



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On 05/27, Richard Shaffer wrote:

Feels like a dare from you, Jeff! I wish they’d turn the lights back on and write about you and Good Grape just so I could read YOUR eloquent response!


On 05/27, Paul Mabray wrote:

They sure did seem to sizzle despite being the razzing of the wine industry.  No one has yet identified them to date as well.  I’ll be interested if they return from the grave.  Some was great fun, some was just being really mean.  Looking forward to seeing who they are and if they show up again and if they keep up the good work of poking fun or if they return to continue down the path of Tom Wark’s comments on them being equal to TMZ.  I hope they do the former because that was what made them a fresh breathe of air to the industry.

On 06/03, Paul Mabray wrote:

Wow - I bookmarked this post to see if the dead do indeed rise.  Fortunately there is no celebreality station like VH1 to help bring back this blog.  The Wine-ing blip is gone.


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