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Vin de Napkin - He Has Spoken

For lack of better phraseology, it must be a pain in the arse when your livelihood is pinned on one opinion.  If New York restarantuers think they have it bad with the New York Times dining section, imagine having all of midtown or Greenwich Village predicated on the penstroke.

From this article:

BORDEAUX (AFP) — Influential US wine critic Robert Parker has drawn long faces in Bordeaux, handing out a series of low scores, and telling buyers not to bother with the 2007 vintage unless chateaux owners cut prices substantially.

“There is unquestionably little need to buy these wines as futures, unless dramatic price reductions occur. I don’t expect that to happen,” said Parker in his annual vintage review, titled “2007 Bordeaux: Who Will Buy Them and at What Price?”



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On 05/09, Jeff wrote:

Phew, at least he finally made a statement about the 2007 vintage.  I can finally have an opinion about it!


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