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The annual Gallup polling on wine versus beer preferences has been kind to the US wine industry in recent years as wine consumption and subsequent mindshare have grown, creating wind for the sails, so to speak.

I always attributed the huge surge in wine drinkers to the wave of Gen. Y’ers coming of age, who continue to come to wine with strength.

So, it’s with a bit of curiosity and intrigue that the most recent Gallup poll shows beer taking a sizable lead in preference, especially amongst 30 - 49 year olds, historically the wine sweet spot for consumer adoption.

The interesting thing to me is the folks that switch back and forth.  I like beer; craft beer is a muse, but wine is my mistress and I don’t think I’m that different from a lot of other folks that are into wine.  I say let the beer crowd have these namby-pamby folks who can’t make up their mind.  We don’t want them.  The wine industry and its consumers is only as fast as the slowest buffalo and the confused, conflicted and dazed need to be thinned out.  The wine industry is slow enough as it is. 



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On 08/04, Hoosier95 wrote:

I don’t think you can so easily dismiss or be so categorical in your thinking about the preference for wine or beer. Depending on the moment I would say that many, if not most, casual quaffers like both equally. Do you want to do away with those wine drinkers? I would say no.

On 08/04, Jeff wrote:

Thanks for the comment, brother of mine. 

My point is that if you’re into wine, then you’re into the whole package, just like fishing.

Nobody that is serious about fishing as a sport just has a pole and a bobber, you study it.

Wine is the same deal.

And, all things equal, if you’re a casual wine drinker that vacillates between wine and beer, I don’t have a problem with you sticking with beer because you’ll never progress into wine appreciation and there is magic in understanding a 3-4 defense as opposed to a 4-3 defense.  Everything else is just passing time.


On 08/05, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) wrote:

If that poll was meaningful it might say that we are making wines that are less appealing to drink in the dog days of summer than we used to.  But, that particular poll was taken in late July and involved phone conversations with a thousand individuals who professed to be of drinking age. So the first thousand people who agreed to answer the poll rather than hang up (like many of us would)is selective for the type of people who are not on the DO NOT CALL list and have nothing better to do in July than take poll. One thousand of those people are an indication of how 300 million people feel about alcoholic beverages?  Give me a break…. and a wine cooler!


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