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Vin de Napkin - News Cycles

Sometimes the wine news comes at you like a torrent, other times like a drip, a leaky faucet.

The past couple of weeks have been a torrent.

Yes, times are good in the wine blogosphere when there are other things to talk about besides Robert Parker.

I’ve found a couple of hidden (and not so hidden) gems in the news lately ... makes for good social commentary fodder ...

Consider, Joyce Dewitt from the 70’s TV show “Three’s Company” is now promoting Livingston Cellars wine.

Aimed at Baby-Boomer RV travelers, the campaign appears to be good, targeted marketing, but who can resist taking a shot at faded glory and $6 wine in a 1.5L?

Hold that thought on not talking about Robert Parker.  Elsewhere, the TV show “Bones” on Fox is airing an episode on May 7th called “The Critic in the Cabernet” about the murder of an influential wine critic ...

And, across the pond, those limey Brits in the U.K. government are starting a campaign to curb wine drinking based on the passive consumption of calories, completely forsaking an assault on, I don’t know, Shepard’s pie or fish and chips ...

And, finally, our man Gary Vaynerchuk gets a $1M advance and a 10 book deal from HarperStudio.  Godspeed, Gary.  But, wait a second, didn’t he start a video blog because he admitted that he’s a lousy writer?  Hmmm ...





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