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Vin de Napkin - If a Politician Paid Lip Service

As related to politics, the phrases “exceedingly complex” and “party faction” have nothing on the wine business.

I’m convinced that the wine world is not only a microcosm of our world at large, but also emblematic of our politics – notably the special interests.

Seemingly, there are as many special interest groups in the wine world as there are lobbyists on The Hill.

I’ve been doing a lot of regional travel lately and listening to my fair share of talk radio with all of the windshield time. When I get tired of sports talk and NPR, I flip to whatever conservative talk radio station appears through the crackles on the AM dial just to get a more complete picture of “the conversation.”  Phew, based on the dogmatism, you might think Obama was a cloven-footed heathen carrying a pitchfork.

Our national politics are messy, crazy, and hard to decipher ... in the Republican party alone (according to vaunted source of accuracy, Wikipedia), there are at least 10 factions.

Fortunately(I think), the wine world isn’t governed, at least not in a classic sense, and it shows some of its beauty in its glorious, messy diversity, but what would happen if the wine world was a constituency that needed to be placated by a politico?  Well, it gets messy.



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