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Twisted March Madness

How appropriate that the Indianapolis launch of Twisted Oak happened the week of March Madness.

There’s a little bit of lunacy with Twisted Oak and some genius behind the madness I might add; genius because all of their wines top to bottom are very, very good.  There’s a little bit of brilliance behind consistent excellence.  The whole line-up builds up to their Spaniard; it’s a stunning wine and a Gold medal winner at the San Francisco Chronicle tasting, if I’m not mistaken.

My Indianapolis blogging friend Renee, from Feed Me/Drink Me, got a sneak preview on the Twisted Oak wines at an Indy restaurant tasting on Wednesday held at L’Explorateur.  She gave all of the wines a big thumbs up and joined me tonight at a tasting for Twisted Oak hosted by Cork & Cracker and a local distributor.

Thanks to Renee for spreading the word for this event.  It takes an influential person to get food journalists to actually pay for something, and I think she excelled at getting some media type folks to separate wallet from purse or pocket in order to try some *%#&!’ing good wines at the Upper Room.

We had a great turnout and plenty of wine to go around for the 50 – 60 people that made it out.  There might have been more people their, but I, frankly, was too busy eating and drinking to pay much attention outside of the sphere of my wine blinders.

Thanks to all for a great event and if you’re in Indy be sure to pop into Cork & Cracker to stock the cellar with Twisted Oak.

And, last call for the Twisted Oak Write This %@#$! Label writing contest. Entries can be emailed to:  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  Deadline is tomorrow—3/16.  Pour a pint of Guinness, contemplate St. Paddy’s Day and write a wine label, what could be better?
I hesitate to pass judgment on my own entry, but, perhaps, I might need to drink more to really let the juices flow.  It’s copied below:

We call this blend of Marsanne and Rousanne %@#$!

Why?  Why the *%#&@! not? 

%@#$! is one of our favorite words.  Not quite as fun or naughty as *%#&@! which is more appropriate for our Calaveras County red, but %@#$! is doing well for an expressive Rhone-style white wine—more appropriate for the fare you’ll likely be drinking this with, too.

%@#$! is also one of George Carlin’s seven dirty words.  If you’re under 30, you probably don’t know who George Carlin is, but you’ll knowingly reference this wine with aromas of peaches and butter simply with the more colloquial, it’s THE %@#$!

Really, it’s a language we all understand.  Go ahead.  Pop the cork.  That %@#$! is good!  We think so, too.  *%#&@! Yeah! 


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On 03/16, braingirl wrote:

Thanks so much for putting this together!  It was a fantastic time and such a great turnout!  These guys are fun and I look forward to seeing Twisted Oak appear on wine lists in Indy.

On 03/16, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) wrote:

Thanks Jeff and Rene….we had a great time!!

See you both again soon!

Rob and Ashley

On 03/16, Ken W wrote:

Yes, you’re right about the Spaniard; it did win a gold medal winner at the San Francisco Chronicle tasting. And, you’re right about consistent; their 2003 Calaveras County Syrah also won gold, and the 2004 Calaveras County Tempranillo took silver there too.

On 03/18, el jefe wrote:

We really appreciate Renee and Jeff pulling this together at the last minute - and thanks very much to everyone for their kind words and support!!!!

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