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There’s a Storm Brewing in the States

WinesofsaIn my post on 3/21—Post Updates & Dusty Bottle Items I referenced a winery in South Africa called Stormhoek that was very inventively using their Blog as a marketing tool—with great success.  Hugh Macleod at GapingVoid has blogged on them a couple of times including the genesis that can be found here and the very D.I.Y meets very cool product brochure is shown here at another Blogger’s site in the U.K.

Stormhoek winery is being imported into the states and they are repeating their free wine to the Blogosphere opportunity.  To read about the 100 Geek Dinners that will feature Stormhoek wine go here.

An excerpt from GapingVoid on the wine dinner/giveaway.

1. We’d like to do 100 dinners in 100 days, but we’re not married tothe "100 days" part. We just thought it had a nice ring to it. If ittakes longer, no big deal. And yes, more than one dinner happening on asingle day is allowed.

2. U.S. liquor laws vary from State to State. It can get quitecomplicated, but we still have to keep it all kosher within the law.

3. As with the 2005 European blog promo, the idea is not to turn bloggers into wine pimps. It’s more a case of what I call "marketing disruption".

4. It’s nice when big events get Stormhoek coverage, however both me and Jason prefer taking the "Small Is Beautiful" angle.

A large, multinational alcohol brand covering an internet idustryparty is nothing new. But a small, South African winery covering asmall, intimate, random event in say, Phoenix, Arizona is much moreinteresting. Because it’s on a more human scale.

AND YOU WANT TO REACH PEOPLE ON A HUMAN SCALE. That’s what MadisonAvenue keeps forgetting. That’s what Madison Avenue can’t get theirhead around, because their business model has no credible answer for it.

5. This idea is still evolving; it’s still in its infancy. Ifthere’s something important we haven’t thought of yet, please feel freeto sare your thoughts. We’d love to have the feedback.

Another wine blog, had this to say:

Over the past year, I have been following the Stormhoek meme over thatgapingvoid (where the drawing to the left comes from). The winery isnow entering the U.S. market and has an ambitious plan to supply theirwines for 100 (wine) geek dinners across the country. I havevolunteered to host one here in the Twin Cities on May 4, 2006 at 7:00p.m. From my Frappr listener map, I see there are several locallisteners who might be up for a nice evening of wine, food andconversation.

I signed up for Indianapolis, and as far as I know I will be hosting a small soiree to enjoy the wine in early June. 

The really cool thing about blogging is the connections that people make, via technology, that they wouldn’t have otherwise have made.  This is a pretty cool example of that. 


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