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The Very Best Place to Live for a Wine Lover

Add another tiny ripple to the groundswell that is the Washington wine scene…

…A quick hitter for a Wednesday…

I examined three recent pieces of research for correlations in between wine consumption by state, overall happiness by state and ranking of “healthiness” by state using the following sources of research:

1) Top wine consuming states by volume (Wine Handbook data from 2006)

2) Gallup Healthways Well-being Index (Measures the “Happiest” states, Nov. 2009)

3) United Health Foundation rank of “Healthiest” states (Nov. 2009)

I hypothesized that there would be a strong correlation in between top wine consuming states and general happiness and health.  The reason being, in pop analysis, is that wine promotes an erudite, moderate lifestyle that would (should?) equate to a general state of well-being and healthiness.  Or, at least, that’s what you might think.  The reality is—not so much. 


In fact, there are hardly any correlations between the three pieces of research results examined together.

However, one interesting pattern does emerge – Massachusetts seems to be the place to be (despite their ongoing wine shipping battles).  And, without question, if somebody was looking for a place to move that combined a wine industry, wine consumption, a “happy” state of being and a “healthy” state of being, the winner would no doubt be Washington!



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On 01/27, Susan Guerra wrote:

Happy to see that Jersey at least makes it into the top 25!

On 01/27, @nectarwine wrote:

That is awesome! People usually think WA = Seattle = Rain = Depressed. On the contrary, as you point out 330+ days of sunshine, great skiing, boating, hiking, climbing, and the best of all the worlds BEST wine! Washington is the place to be!

Thanks for the post!

Josh @nectarwine on twitter

On 01/27, Bean wrote:

OK this post makes the wine lover in me grin and the researcher in me groan smile

That being said, I consider myself incredibly lucky to live in Seattle Washington where I have easy access to quality wine, even from the very unique Puget Sound AVA where we have some whites that are some of the best to pair with seafood and Asian style dishes to brooding and complex red wines from grapes on the other side of the mountains. I have quality and diversity in my wine, what more could I want?

On 01/27, Jeff wrote:

Ha!  Bean, I was waiting for the comment that said, “Dude, my 4th grader could come up with a better research methodology ...”  You went easy on me. 

That said, soak up the Washington glory!

Josh—I always thought the rain and gloom thing in Seattle was a myth to keep people out?

On 01/28, Kori wrote:

I couldn’t agree more…Washington is the place to be! Yes, the Seattle rain/gloom is mostly a myth for population control. smile On a gorgeous, sunny, January day in Seattle like today, it is easy to forget about the rainy days.

On 01/29, Chris wrote:

Another Washington wino chiming in with a…  Well, duh?

Also, there is a reason the town in the middle of the Yakima Valley is called Sunnyside.  smile

On 01/29, Jeff wrote:

The Washington online writer contingent is strong!

I look forward to being with you all in Walla Walla in June!

Regards to each of you,


On 01/30, Purg wrote:

Thanks for the information on wine lover’s places to live.  Good post, wasn’t aware of some of the other options.

On 01/31, Ryan O'Connell wrote:

Haha, I also like being able to look at the worst of the 50 states. Poor Mississippi.  If they consumed a little more wine, they might be a little happier and healthier.

On 08/27, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) wrote:

Yeah, these are on your continent, I’d have to leave UK and the lovely Gatwick hotel I’m currently staying at, in order to be happy, if I understand correctly (and I sure want it to be this way!). Wine should indeed promote a happier healthier life, but there are some who forget tasting it is an art, in the end.

On 10/30, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) wrote:

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my best wine consumed in Woodhaven, Palm Desert! In my opinion, a good wine is even better when drank at the right place, with the right people. You won’t remember the 74 flavors, like some character we know does, but you will remember the sweetness of the moment and you’ll always wonder if it was due to that wine.


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