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Stormhoek Winery Update

Stormhook_hughtrain_400_pixels_1The Stormhoek invasion has started.

The first wine geek dinner for Stormhoek Winery was held on May 1st in San Antonio.

If you want to get updated on this very cool concept of wine bloggers as marketing entry point for this S. African winery, you can check out the following links:  stormhoek, Good Grape Post #1, Good Grape post #2, Blog and Stormhoek marketing disruption guy, Hugh at Gaping Void, and the report from the first dinner

Here are some Flickr picts from Kami at Communications Overtone and the coordinator for the first dinner:

Oddly, no reports on if they enjoyed the wine.

Stormhoek had this to say:

Just About 100 Dinners 

With only 10 days to go and the latest count on the wiki now standing
at 69, plus ton of email requests from all over, by our reckoning we’re pretty much there.

Hosts so far are quite an eclectic mix of geeks, musicians,mathematicians, actors, explorers and would you believe, nudists.Apparently, we’ve got those hoping to determine the future of theworld, those who’d prefer to write a song about it, suduko
challengers, crypozoological impersonators, and even a  GPS treasure
hunt adventurist.

Perhaps most intriguing is the group planning to have their dinnerparty ‘in a natural state’. Well, who are we to judge? It doesn’tmatter to us what you do (or don’t) wear! We just hope you have goodconversation, and most of all enjoy the wine! Although on reflection,they may have meant a party in The Natural State of Arkansas … Welleither way, we hope you have fun guys. We’re pulling straws to see whofrom Stormhoek attends that one.

I still haven’t heard from Stormhoek on whether I’ve been confirmed for the dinner, though I think I need to sign the Wiki and be aggressive in terms of identifying time and place and they’ll get it taken care of.  They are, afterall, in S. Africa, and based on the looks of their blog, they are charmingly non corporate.

This whole thing is pretty cool.  I’m not sure if there was any significance to the first dinner being held on May 1st, but there is a "May Days" people uprising kind of spirit to this!


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