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Pick 6: The Wine Blogs Earning My Attention

When the American Wine Blog Awards came out earlier this year I thought I had my bases covered, I already read most, if not all, of the sites listed.  What a difference a couple of months can make.  The number of wine bloggers continues to explode in size and my guess is that the voting for next year’s American Wine Blog Awards is going to look at lot different. 

There’s a shift happening in the wine blogosphere …

The recent Fermentation survey, managed by Tom Wark, about the influence of wine blogs is illustrative of this and was a real eye-opener for me—notably around how influential blog wine reviews are—68% of respondents have purchased a wine based on a blog review. 

WOW!  That’s about all I can say.

Well, the other thing I can say is shame on me because I was not in the camp of being actively engaged with blogs that focused more exclusively on reviews.  This is not the case anymore as my blog reader is now a cup runneth over with new blogs to keep up with from all corners of the wine blogosphere.

Ironically enough, this epiphany happens at the same time that I make the conscious decision to not renew my paper subscription to The Wine Advocate.  Perhaps coincidence, or maybe my sub-conscious is guiding me, but If I’m going to get exclusively wine reviews and tasting notes, I think I want to follow somebody who insinuates a personal style in four colors.

That said, here are six quality blogs that are either new in the last 12 months, or new to my radar.  Check them out and mark my words:  The American Wine Blog Awards coming up will be 180 degrees different in terms of nominees and potentially winners then the 1st edition. 

The Cork Dork:

Domaine 547:

Joe’s Wine:

Purple Liquid:

Rockss and Fruit:

The Wine Chicks:


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On 07/25, Dr. Debs wrote:

Welcome to the district of the wine blogosphere that reviews wines! You picked some good ones here—they’re part of my regular daily reading and they deserve lots of applause for the high quality of their writing. Plus, most offer much more than reviews—they offer so much information about how wine is made, where it’s from, and how it can be best paired with food. 6 thumbs up!

On 07/26, Jill wrote:

woo hoo! thanks so much! we read you (and many of those you mention) every day and we’re happy that the favor is returned. again, woo hoo!

On 07/26, Joe wrote:

Many thanks for this, Jeff. I have posted a reply here:

But I really hope you come back for more reviews. Cheers!

On 07/26, The Corkdork wrote:

Wow! Such an honor to be featured on your lovely site. And thanks for setting me up for a nice tasting tomorrow at Twisted Oak since I’m up in Calaveras! - John aka. The corkdork

On 07/27, Jeff Lefevere wrote:


You will love Twisted Oak—top to bottom, they’re all great wines.  My faves include the Tempranillo, the Viognier and The Spaniard.

Cheers and I’ll be reading!


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On 09/14, cufflink wrote:

I love wine and always like to know more on it. Thank you very much for sharing these six quality blogs. These are really good!!

On 09/14, resveratrol wrote:

these are some of the best wine blogs out there. esp the wine chicks.

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