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Oh, Sherry ...

Quick—word association time.  I say Sherry, you say what?

Personally speaking, I’m thinking of the song “Oh, Sherry” by Journey.

I think I’m in good company on that, too, unfortunate as it may be for for Sherry producers over in Spain.

For context, Jon Bonne, Wine Editor for the San Francisco Chronicle, wrote a really fabulous piece on Sherry last month, this most neglected of wines, a quaff barely registering a blip on even the most ardent of wine lovers radar.

Now, I notice a press release that indicates the Sherry Council of America (who knew?) is launching an awareness campaign in conjunction with a creative shop from Seattle called Creature.

The premise behind the web campaign is the notion that there is The Secret Sherry Society with discrete locations across the country—kind of like the Freemasons, except made up.

I’ve been in agency brainstorming sessions before and its not a bad idea—since nobody drinks Sherry anyways why not make it seem like people have been out of the loop because it’s a part of this ultra secretive society.

I can see that idea getting some steam in a brainstorming meeting—but, here’s the rub—in an era of transparency, making something up without a payoff isn’t going to, well, payoff.  There is no secret society, its just a ruse to get you to sign-up at the web site.

How, um, clever.

The lack of pay-off is probably a budget issue, I can’t imagine the Sherry Council of America is throwing around much of a marketing budget, but still ... somebody has to step up and own the full lifecycle.  Plus, they are flirting with mixology and cocktail culture and that is a recipe for disaster because the current mixology era is a fad and wine is enduring and the two don’t co-mingle much.

They would have been better off just building off of and out from what people already know—Sherry for cooking. Ditch the cooking sherry in the back of every spice cabinet and go for a fresh bottle of drinking sherry—6 oz in the chicken, and a glass for the cook ... associate it with a drinking occasion like weekend cooking when you’re doing it at a leisurely pace, as an aperitif, create a mental association to a daypart to drink and enjoy Sherry.

Instead, now there’s a fictitious Secret Sherry Society. 

The good news?  It won’t take much to move the needle on the scant 200,000 cases sold in the U.S.

As a bonus, for Journey fans everywhere, those red-blooded American’s who have turned over $10 for Journey’s Greatest Hits, myself included—Oh, Sherry.  And, tip of the cap to Hardy at Dirty South Wine who rocks the wine + music combo much better than I do.


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On 11/12, Sherry wrote:

Great post. As a big fan, it is wonderful to see people writing about Sherry. Thank you

On 11/27, Cena wrote:

A cook is a person who prepares food for consumption. In Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Canada this profession requires government approval (examination after three years apprenticeship). The profession requires profound knowledge concerning nutrition. Persons without this knowledge are called kitchen helpers.

On 07/18, eveningdresses wrote:

What would you do if you were going to get into the wine business,”  well, my new answer instead of “Not sure” will be, “It’s kind of complicated.


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