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Ode to a Summer Love


Iwrote a couple of weeks ago about this sublime Barbaresco that I had while in New York—the 2000 Cascina Morassino.

Itwas the only red in a seven course tasting menu and the definite standout. I had to have more of this wine. Even five glasses of white wine into thismeal (healthy pours, yes) this wine clearly stood out heads and shoulders fromthe rest.

Thebest way I can describe it is it was the difference between your girlfriend/boyfriendin high school and than your first summer fling.

Lifeis all good and you can click along without any troubles and then you realizethis deeper, more sophisticated … natch … more mysterious, exotic person iscompletely making you a bucket of slobber and you know you can’t go back.

Youcan never put the genie back in the bottle.

Lifehas changed.

Oh,I had that revelation.

And,to make it even more curious, it’s not like I’m some wild-eyed rookie. I’ve been on an expense account for 10years.

Loand behold Crush Wine & Spirits in New York happened to carry it. Had I known, I probably would have snatchedit up while in the city instead of trying to go through the shipping game.

Nonetheless,I ordered it over the phone—breathlessly mentally calculating if $200 bucksfor six bottles or $400 for a whole case was going to be defensible with thewife as an impulse purchase. “A mementoof the trip,” I resolved to say. Ichewed my lip. They never tell you howmuch shipping is … another $35 bucks. Ahem, “Yes, I’ll take just a half case.”

Acouple of months ago, in the midst of the shipping laws turmoil, I decided to shedmy wine shipping virginity and order some wine from a company in California,just to see what happened. The wineshowed up on my doorstep. This happeneddespite the fact that I live in a “felony” shipping state.

Itwas a colossal pain because they made me fax my driver’s license to verify agewhich meant that UPS didn’t require a signature.

Thiswas also a pain because it meant that the UPS guy could or would drop it off at10:00 am and it would sit baking on my front porch for thenext seven or eight hours. Then,compounded by the fact that I then had to go out of town and I had to call infor the assistance of a friend that’s also neighbor whom then started asking amillion questions about the wine prompting me to give him one of the bottles …

Longstory short  … it was scarcely worth thehassle.

But,the Barbaresco. I had to have theBarbaresco.

Youhave to like Crush, ordering from them was like going to the locals bar whenyou’re nineteen and pulling up a stool next to the grizzled guy that’s beenholding down third base on the corner for the last 14 years: if you play itcool, so will they.

But,and this is a big but, they didn’t ask for me to fax my ID, so I had to signfor the package at UPS. I regrettablyfound this out when I started to get the dreaded slips on the door, “Sorry wemissed you.”

Meanwhile,I’m having horrible visions of this wine cooking in the back of a UPS truck …this “sorry we missed you” thing happened for three days … and then I had to gopick it up … taking a lunch hour in order to trek to the other side of town.

Sufficeto say, I had expectations for this Barberesco in the climes of my home and nota Batali restaurant in New York City and the least of it washoping it made it through the shipping.

And,from NYC to Indianapolis, IN and three day trips on theUPS trip, I finally got my package and cracked open a bottle.

Notwanting to take any chances, I decanted it. The nebbiolo grape is famous for being burley and I didn’t want to takeany chances on it being a little rough.

Anhour in the decanter and 20 minute chill to knock it off room temperature and Ipoured. I swirled. I sniffed. I supped a taste.

Nohigh schooler was this wine.

Asupple pro, she was built for summer romance. Beautiful. Elegant.  Nice legs. Nice body. Nice nose.

Unfortunately,that’s where this story ends. As Imentioned, you can’t put the genie back in the bottle. And, as I write this supping something that’smore in line with my everyday drinking—an Estancia Pinot Noir—, I thinkfondly of the Cascina Morassino and the five bottles that remain.

Justlike summer love and memories, except I get to experience it five moretimes.

The Cascina Morassion sell sheet can be found below:


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