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A couple of quick notes … voting is still taking place on the American Wine Blog Awards—you can cast your vote in the democratic process at the following link.  Voting takes place through Friday.

No politicking by yours truly, but I do encourage you to spend some time on a couple of the categories to potentially look at some sites that may be out of your reading or listening or watching “jetstream.”  There is some good work—aside from the winery blog category that I mentioned in an earlier post, another stacked category is the “Best Wine Podcast or Video Blog.”

My frequent collaborator, one of the most technically astute wine bloggers that I know of, Tim at, should receive an emeritus award even if he didn’t make the final nominations.  And, the other contenders are all exceptionally strong, as well. is an Internet juggernaut that will be hard to beat, but I’m looking forward to seeing the final results.

Another blog, nominated in the best winery category, Stormhoek, has a really fun post that can be found here.  A pack of baboons had to be shooed out of the Chenin Blanc vineyard after they were found enjoying breakfast.  Classic.  What a great little snippet.  I’m guessing that no wine lover that has picked up a South African Pinotage recently (including me) gave a moments notice to baboons being an indigenous animal to the terrain.

Elsewhere, Tyler Colman, better known to online wine denizens as Dr. Vino, references the friendly wager that he and I made over the Super Bowl on his site.  Living in Indianapolis with the victorious Colts is sweet indeed—as will the bottle of Tulocay Zinfandel that I’ll pick up as a part of the win.  As a courtesy to his good nature, I did return the favor and send him two relatively inexpensive, found only in Indiana wines.  A Shiraz/Cab blend and a quirky semi-sweet white made from a vitis aestivalis grape called Norton. I have a hunch that these are not going to tickle his palate and invite intrigue with the skill of Indiana winemakers—but, hopefully, they can act as a through the week quaff and as a novelty. 

Finally, in wacky medical research, researchers have found a potential link to smell and a shortened life.  Those that are sniffing their way through increased wine drinking to get the resveratrol might be doing more harm than good.  From this news account based on this research news release:

Studies in worms, flies, mice and monkeys have shown that aging can be slowed by cutting way back on calories consumed.

But is it food itself that shortens life? Or might it be the mere perception of food—the biochemical stimulation that occurs when food odors tickle olfactory nerves?

Scott Pletcher, a geneticist at the Huffington Center on Aging at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, knew that the mere scent of food could block some of the life-extending effects of caloric restriction in tiny, soil-dwelling worms. So he and his colleagues conducted similar tests in flies.

Sure enough, when calorie-restricted flies—which tend to live about 50 percent longer than normal—were housed in containers with the smell of fresh yeast (a favorite food of flies) wafting in, the life-extending benefits of their diet were reduced by about 20 percent.

Hmmm … I wonder if the dieting masses, eating sensibly, but not forsaking their scent laden wine knew that their lifespan could be shorter as a result?  I’m not exactly calorie restricted, but I’ll take my chances …


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This inforimtaon is off the hizool!

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