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…  Is it a little disingenuous for Trinity Oaks, a label of Trinchero, to position itself in its advertising as wines, “That were especially made to go with the foods you love.”

Aren’t all wines a natural complement to food, and at $4.95 to $7.95 can it be said that they might be preying on the wine naïve in the grocery aisle?  This point is particularly salient when you consider that there is absolutely no supporting or substantiating detail on how or why the wines were made to go, “With the foods you love.” 

Oh yeah, they never got the memo, either—the one that said that the low-carb craze was over in late 2004.  They are still touting the carb counts in wines, a bad idea at the time and even worse two years later.

Time for a new advertising agency.

… Or, take a look at Beringer’s advertising … their current campaign with the tagline, “How to get Napa Valley” is an excellent mix of selling lifestyle and incorporating food and wine together. 

… After reading numerous recent articles about the resurgence of Riesling and recently reading an article in Wine & Spirits Magazine about Lambrusco, is their an unspoken trend in the wine industry towards semi-dry wines? 

We already know that virtually every winery not in California, Oregon or Washington has a semi-sweet wine that is undoubtedly a good seller …

It’s the elephant in the room, but I think that some residual sweetness in wines has an audience for folks that have a refined palate … but, frequently, the White Zin crowd gets lumped in with wines that have a touch of residual sugar.

… For anybody that wants to create their own subversive comics for their blog, check out:

… I like Jess Stonestreet Jackson, Kendall-Jackson wine, the 366th richest man in America according to Forbes tally in 2005, because he’s a self-made man and isn’t sitting on his thumbs (or his money).  With a net worth of 2.2 billion according to the 2006 Forbes tally, he’s spent a reported $200 million in the last three years on thoroughbred horses and horse racing operations. 

… You have to admire them for trying, but I’m not sure you can brand a high end appliance by using affinity marketing tactics as Viking is trying to do.  A Mini Cooper – Yes!  A Volkswagon Beetle –Yes!  A Viking range … ah, I’m not seeking out other owners to share my passion for the range … as they are trying to do with their “The Viking Life.”

… Speaking of big brands, the Sub-Zero wine blog would be more effective if it played like a straight blog and was sponsored by Sub-Zero.  Instead, it’s a Sub-Zero web site with wine celebrity content.  The effectiveness is greatly reduced because of the overt corporate influence. 

The Wine Institute launched its first major export program last fall (‘05) and some of that effort is designed to attract Japanese tourists.  California wine represents 90% of U.S. wine imports in Japan.  Stag’s Leap Winery enjoys a good reputation in Japan and supposedly welcomes 2,500 Japanese tourists a year.

In Vegas they call the wealthy, high-roller gamblers, who are often International, “Whales.”  Anybody think that they might have a kinder and gentler euphemistic name in California Wine Country?


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