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The curse of the tangential thinker who looks at life through the prism of wine is that most everything sparks an idea, though not all of them are worth a darn. 

I keep a notebook full of clipped articles, post ideas and other errata and I lose interest in many of these things before they ever fully germinate.  I’ve been trying to find a connection between German Mittelstand businesses and boutique vintners for two years and have never really tied the ends close enough together to make it interesting enough to write, let alone read.  And, I’ve been trying to find a wine tie-in so I can call a post something along the lines of, “The Cultural Balkanization of Technology in Wine.”

Likewise, I have many ideas that must not be that clever because I see them elsewhere; or, perhaps, I am operating on the same channel wavelength as others.  Tom from Fermentation is particularly good at beating me to the punch.  You could have knocked me over with a feather when he wrote about wine and Van Morrison a month or two back.

Speaking of Tom, I read an article in the current issue of Wine News magazine titled, “Legendary California Vineyards.”  And, Tom, in a recent post noted that he had been thinking about legacy vineyards being national monuments.  Likewise, I have been thinking about the same thing.  Baseball has Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, and Wrigley Field.  Football has Lambeau Field and Notre Dame Stadium.  Basketball has Cameron Indoor Arena and Madison Square Garden. 

The angle I would have taken if I were going to write a full post is that our lives get more complicated.  We strive to un-complicate our lives, but mostly, in doing so, we actually do the reverse of what we are trying to accomplish—make our lives more complicated.  A scant 20 years ago we did not have the Internet, Starbucks, or even a dizzying array of chain restaurants to choose from.  So, in the wine world, because our wine is going to become more complicated before it gets less complicated, what is the area that will increase in complexity?  In my opinion, it is vineyard designate marketing.  It seems to me that in the future more wine and lower price points will be a vineyard designate and an increasing amount of marketing dollars will be used to highlight how special the vines, grapes and dirt are.

Part and parcel with that, I imagine that vineyards like To Kalon will grow in mystifying legend. 

Herewith, a couple of things that have been kicking around my brain that don’t/won’t merit a full post:

• There is a really big idea in this article about a consumer “Blue” movement and wine can play a leading role.  I am nervous that the idea is not going to gather enough momentum, though. 
o Link here
o Link here

• I have been reading a book called, “He Said Beer, She Said Wine” and it is a light-hearted and enjoyable read with the two co-authors presenting wine and beer food matches and then arguing their case for their respective beverage of choice as the best match to the food category.  So, my thinking has been … wine as a food match has been conventional wisdom for centuries, but what if our conventional wisdom was currently backwards?  What if beer was the accepted fait accompli match for food?  It is kind of a silly question, but interesting if you bring the subject up in the midst of the 2nd bottle of wine.

• The non-California winery that creates a GPS plug-in with points of interest in their region (and their winery), is on their way to a marketing coup.  To see an example of this, check out

• I am afraid of failing.  Even though I say I am not, I am deathly afraid of not conquering a goal.  It does not stop me, but it keeps the edge of my knife sharp, so to speak.  That said, I am taking the introductory course for the Master Sommelier exam in September.  I should pass with flying colors, but what if I don’t?

• A belated R.I.P. to George Carlin—here is a quote that many wine lovers can relate to: “Scratch any cynic and you’ll find a disappointed idealist.”


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On 07/20, Champagne Lover wrote:

Clicked on the link for the book “He Said Beer, She Said Wine”.  Sounds really great and the authors have added a video clip to tell you more about the book.

Sounds fascinating. 

Thanks for the reference.

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