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Mile Markers on the Wine Blog Roadmap

This much I know:  blogging about blogging is dreadfully dull.  There is nothing like taking a navel-gazing medium and then writing about the navel-gazing.  If the subject matter is wine then all the more dreadfully boring because it is a niche of a niche with boorish tendencies.

That said, I do want to point out several separate circumstances that have happened in the last week that contribute to the growing wave of blogging as an incredibly forceful medium.

#1) The SEC will recognize blogging as an information outlet for regulated investment information. 

From Techcruch:

“UNDER certain circumstances, companies can rely on their websites and blogs to meet the public disclosure requirements under Regulation FD (Fair Disclosure), according to new guidance unanimously approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission today.”

Chairman Christopher Cox opened up the discussion by recognizing that the Web has matured providing a big step forward for investors, “Ongoing technological advances in electronic communications have increased both the market’s and investors’ demand for more timely company disclosure and the ability for companies to capture, process and disseminate this information to market participants.”
It is easy to overstate and even easier to underestimate what this means, but this has the potential to completely upset the apple cart of traditional media.  No wire service.  No press release.  A blog.  That is Gutenberg’s press manifested for the 21st century.   

#2)  Good Grape along with six or seven other bloggers are participating in a coordinated blogging effort to announce the release of an allocated wine brand the week of August 18th.  This is unprecedented.  Bloggers are getting sampled at the same time as traditional media for an allocated brand launch.  There will be coverage, editorial will not be governed. 

This is damn progressive of the winery in question (more on them in a week) and a real coup for wine bloggers everywhere.  I hope it goes well, too; otherwise, it might be the last coordinated wine blogging effort to help launch an allocated brand. 

#3) Gartner releases a research report that is at once a no-brainer and genius in its insight, saying (from

The online behavior, attitudes and interests of people from all walks of life are blending together online, cutting across generations and traditional demographics and giving rise to a new online group called “Generation Virtual” (Generation V), according to research by Gartner, which coined the term.

Unlike previous generations, Generation V is not defined by age, gender, social class or geography. Instead, it is based on achievement, accomplishments and an increasing preference for the use of digital media channels to discover information, build knowledge and share insights.

Marketers will ultimately need a separate marketing strategy to reach this generation, according to Gartner.

Within the Generation V community, Gartner defines four levels of engagement - creators, contributors, opportunists, and lurkers - related to the extent to which customers engage with other customers and the level of engagement that businesses and other organizations must have to enable them.

Read full article on Generation V here.

Taken together, in the span of a week, these four items, to me, indicate without a shadow of a doubt, despite the imminent evolution of Web (and Wine) 2.0 into its next phase, that blogging, particularly wine blogging, is here to stay and will be a force to dealt with in the wine industry.

A couple of more mile markers on the wine blogging trip?  I think so …

*Ed Note*  This post was edited from its original version on 8/6/08


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On 08/11, Robert wrote:

I think point 2 is very interesting. Can you tell me what an “allocated brand” is in this context?

Can you disclose who the other 6 or 7 bloggers are? I’m writing on alternative ways of generating revenue from wine blogging and this is very much the kind of innovation I’d like to point to.


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