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Menu for Hope III

Only a couple of more days left for the Menu for Hope III fundraiser.  An incredible $33,000 dollars has already been raised.

To give you an example of how astounding of a figure this is, I am on the Board of Directors for a very well-run non for profit in Indianapolis, IN that does job training and food rescue serving those that need job skills and those that need a meal.  This non profit has close to a $3M a year operating budget.

Our second largest fundraiser featuring live bands, multiple venues and hundreds of hours of volunteer time raises about $25K, before expenses.

To raise this amount of money via the power of the Internet and folks that, in most cases, have never physically shared a glass of wine together is tremendous and a testament to the Internet and the ability to mobilize people.  Hat’s off to Alder and Pim.

But, your work is not done.  Not just yet.  Please continue to consider donating and earning your chance to win prizes. 

Please especially bid on WB13—the Good Grape offering that includes the 1999 Heitz Cellars Martha’s Vineyard designate—a 92 by Wine Spectator.  A Cult Cab that retails on the Internet for $130 dollars. 

Some other good prizes have funneled in, as well.  Inertia Beverage Group has offered a case of Luna Vineyards vino and several other folks have offered up some tasty prizes in the spirit of giving.

Check out the entire line-up of wine blogosphere offerings at


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