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It Seems to Me ...

I read an editorial at Appellation America, that, as is typical, reads like a leaky plotted thriller—leaving me breathless, but with more questions than answers and some logic holes in the storyline ...

Read this link and wonder if you don’t have an equal puncher’s chance at calling a spade a spade.

Or, continue to support the lunacy and buy some under $25 wine at Appellation America here.   I’m sure they love that the 3rd most sought after wine at the store is from that noted vinifera grape—the Ollalieberry.

You can’t make this stuff up ...

If you’re going to talk the talk, you darn well hew to an execution model in the same vein.



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On 01/27, Dirty wrote:

What a clown!

Thanks for the link-  That Ollalieberry stuff is a riot.

I like his argument that New Oak barrels give a sense of place…  Maybe of some coopers village in France…


On 01/27, Dr. Debs wrote:

Horsefeathers. Maybe—maybe—with American wines, but I don’t even think that’s true. Just had a $13 wine from St. Pourcain that oozed terroir. If France and other countries can do this and we can’t, I’d suggest fingers point in other directions than the economy.

On 02/27, Patrick Hurley wrote:

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