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Introducing “New World”


Many that have paid occasional attention to this blog know that I used to do rudimentary cartoons in black and white.  Since the move to the new design of this site in November of ‘06, I’ve been working with a collaborator to significantly increase the quality of the comics while at the same time taking something of a sabbatical to let the illustrator help me get things moving in the right direction.  Over the course of the next several weeks I’ll re-start the strips and I think you will find that the quality of the new comics will be fantastic (thank you, Sean!). 

Having grown up reading Spider-Man comic books and being a faithful daily reader of the comic section in the newspaper since grade school, I’m excited about doing these hope that readers of this blog will find them to be a break and/or a breath of fresh air.  Before we get started, a little background on the characters ... 

As always, thanks for checking my little part of the blogosphere and welcome to “New World.”

“New World” Background: 
Taking place in an unidentified urban environment, New World is a comic that reflects a contemporary and enthusiastic attitude toward wine commenting on social circumstances, current events—both popular and wine-related—and major trends in the world of wine.
Centering on a group of friends, J. is the central character and primary protagonist –he knows Andy from childhood, Luće (pronounced Lucy) from college and Vince from the neighborhood.

Character Bio’s:

J.: (first person on the left) Is a smart, literate, well-read everyman—and our protagonist.  He doesn’t accept the status quo and isn’t a consumerist in the sense that status is something he seeks by consumption.  He’s just as likely to buy wine at the grocery store as from the allocated mailing list, though he clearly is a “wine geek.” A hardworking professional, J. asks a lot of rhetorical questions, is grounded and balanced.  Generally speaking, J. is more of the straight man than the guy that delivers the punch line.  His parents are the conservative traditional type from a smaller town and he has broken away with a more modern view and liberal leaning based on his lifestyle and living in the city.  J. plays the naïve or straight man in the comic having questions interpreted and answered for him … he’s not dumb, quite the contrary, but he doesn’t leap to conclusions and is measured in thoughts.  Of all of the friends, he is the most wine astute with the most knowledge of wine.

Vince (w/ goatee):  Vince is carefree with more a hip, iconoclastic sensibility.  A cut-up and the funny guy of the group, Vince is a cool guy and the life of a party.  Vince is a very bright guy, but doesn’t channel his energy into any one pursuit, a member of the “slacker intelligentsia.”  Well traveled, Vince has been to many wine growing regions around the world, in contrast to others in the group of friends, but he has no preference for wine over any other social beverage.  Vince and J. get along because Vince is very outgoing and fun, while J is grounded and more sensible.  Friends with J. since both moved to the city from separate colleges, Vince is a bit of a schemer, the guy that always has something up his sleeve … he is very well-networked … and knows “everyone.”  Vince is a ladies man … always quick with a story; some of which are on the absurdly fantastic side and cannot be corroborated.

Luće:  (female character) Luće Is the sophisticated member of the group … something of an “in the moment” person … smart, but gossipy, she is into and understands pop culture, and dates a lot—though she is not romantically involved with any of the characters in the strip … her dating life is a reference point for a lot of wine related conversation … she has very high standards for guys and is something of a contradiction and gets herself into situations that are hard to extricate herself from … i.e. dating … drama while dining out, etc.  Luće is, perhaps, the biggest wine drinker of the group, but she has an unsophisticated palate, in contrast to the other fine things she enjoys out of life.

Andy:  (the character with the glasses): Somewhat irascible, Andy is a guy whose glass is more often half empty then half full.  He’s the most successful of the bunch and works a great deal.  When he’s not working he can be frequently found with his friends complaining about the inanity of daily life and the people or events he comes across.  Andy isn’t necessarily a wine guy, but enjoys it for what it is and he is the most gifted wine taster of the group, frustrating J. to no end with his indifference.  Very pragmatic and a realist, Andy often explains why a situation is the way it is based on a cynical business perspective or his interpretation of reality.  Andy is more of an accountant type … somewhat guarded and reserved, but a very good friend to a few people.  J. has been friends with him since grade school – and maintains the friendship even as both have evolved.


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On 02/24, Interpreting Dreams wrote:

I may call that a professional cartoon. I like how you expres the new year comming !


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