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If Sex sells, Who is Buying?

Pinupwine_group_1 A month or so ago, we reported on the off beat wine label phenomena and highlighted a picture from Cleavage Creek winery.

Thanks to Tom at Fermentation’s for highlighting a follow-up on the wine brand.  According to the classifieds in Wine Enthusiast magazine, it is officially for sale for the low, low cost of:  $460K

Never mind that it’s a brand and as such you don’t have any land, or the fact that it’s a very niche player with questionable pull-through from distribution.  It’s most sizable asset appears to be the double assets of the model on the label.  Cleavage Creek, after all, ain’t a river in California. 

No word on what services are rendered to the buyer of the label above and beyond the branding.

In other prurient interests, boutique winery Pinup Wines also, apparently, puts a tasty bottle of wine out to complement the tasty wife on the label. 


PinUp Wines are handcrafted in very small lots from our premium     estate vineyards located in the Dry Creek Valley, Russian River Valley and     Sonoma County appellations.

Eachyear, our female wineclub members of all ages take their chances in arandom drawing to be featured on our PinUp label. Tastefullyphotographed and embodying the high-spirited lust for life found inwine country, our PinUp Wines have become a cult favorite and sell outquickly!

PinUp Wines are available only in our tasting room or by direct shipment.


Does anybody else wax philosophic about the the halcyon days of old?  It used to be in the world of wine that it was enough to want to enjoy the lifestyle of good food, good drink and good living.  Now, like reality television, it looks like the fourth wall has been broken down.  The good life includes the night cap, after the night cap.



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