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I Still Don’t Know

I’m a reasonable man.  Yet, I still don’t know if Gary Vaynerchuk is a genius or a snake oil salesman; a web 2.0 Anthony Robbins, selling platitudes wrapped in charisma.

One thing is certain, I am on record saying that I would listen to Mark Burnett, producer of Survivor, who I saw speak at an IBM conference, read the phone book.  Vaynerchuk is creeping into the same territory. 

Ah, gotta love the cult of personality.


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On 10/06, Arthur wrote:

Well… he is a bit all over the place.

But he is right: if you want stuff, you have to work.

On 10/08, Cuatro Cienegas Coahuila wrote:

Absolutely agree. In anything that we want, we have to work on it.

-M from Mexico

On 10/14, Joshua Smith wrote:

Great speech. Great ideas. He’s very inspiring and is right on- you have to work to get the things you want- TV, celebrity- none of that shit matters and I love that he’s pointing it out. Best part- “you don’t want to compete with me, no seriously”

His motives are still a little questionable though.


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