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How to Spend it?

When I was approached by the the Financial Times online arm to write for the digital supplement to their monthly luxury magazine, How to Spend it, I was ambivalent.

You see, it was no less than our vinous US forefather, Thomas Jefferson, who said, “In matters of principle, stand like a rock; in matters of taste, swim with the current.”

In terms of my principle, I’m decidedly against the section of the wine world that treats wine with a certain luxury preciousness. In terms of my taste, I like good wine, most of which is categorized in the “luxury” category of pricing.

You can see how this is a conundrum, right?


As I vacillated, my wife, a smart woman, said to me, “How to spend it?  Are they talking about money or time?”  Ah, bingo.  She also said,THE Financial Times?  Of course you write for them. Don’t be an idiot,” but that’s beside the point. 

As I thought about what she said, she’s right: There are two types of currency in our world—time AND money and I don’t have to necessarily focus on the aspect of the wine world that has to do with a lot of money, I could simply talk about how to spend time related to wine—what’s new and interesting, what to read, what to watch, and what to pay attention to for those who have the patience for wine and invest their time accordingly.

So, my first piece was this week.  I made it through with just some light editing—my editor cleaned up a couple of my writing quirks—colloquialisms that don’t play internationally, my penchant for writing really verbose sentences that act as paragraphs, and my proclivity for coherent, but nonetheless tangential non sequiturs.  She even ran with my headline suggestion! 

I pretty much have free rein to write as often as I would like.  For now it’ll probably be once a month, though I may ramp that up to twice monthly.  And, of course, I will now name drop Jancis Robinson as, “My colleague Jancis.”  I kid, I kid ...

Doubtful this piece will be anything insightful or revelatory for most of you, the .5% of the wine world who are really interested in “shop talk” about the more business-oriented aspects of the biz, mostly here in the US.  However, it should be of interest to an international audience who is less caught up in the day-to-day of the online wine scene.

if you’re so inclined, you can check out my piece called, “In Pursuit of the Vine from the Armchair” at FT’s site,


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On 11/12, Thomas Pellechia wrote:


Tell the Financial Times to make the site accessible to non Windows users.

On 11/12, Thomas Pellechia wrote:

make that Windows non-users…

On 11/12, Jeff wrote:


It might be a browser thing.  The site is entirely Flash, which Apple isn’t a fan of, but it should run in most any current browser—IE 7 or beyond, FireFox or chrome.


On 11/12, Thomas Pellechia wrote:


By now, Web designers must be able to come up with sites that accept any browser and any OS.

I have no patience for companies too stupid to understand that the Internet is not just one thing—long live Lynix. wink

On 11/12, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) wrote:

I can’t read it on my iPad

On 11/12, Jeff wrote:

Hi Kathy,

The site is in Flash.  Steve Jobs is fighting an ideological battle related to Flash:

This will be determined in the mobile device marketing and Apple is already showing some interest in loosening their Flash restrictions.


On 12/07, ann miller wrote:

I love your “coherent, but nonetheless tangential non sequiturs!”

On 05/17, TN Pas Cher wrote:

ned in the mobile device marketing and Apple is already showing some interest in loosening

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