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Good Grape Wine Company

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Happy 1st Birthday to Good Grape!

A little navel gazing for the year that was … I officially launched Good Grape on January 24, 2006.

It has been quite a year—from doing cobbled together cartoons (that will re-emerge sometime soon in a professional format), to writing around the Cluetrain Manifesto (I got stuck on #8 and plan to pick it up this year), writing for Wine Sediments for a few months to earn enough money to buy not one, but three lattes, to accepting a killer position with wine technology company Inertia Beverage Group, to redesigning Good Grape, to being nominated for the American Blog Awards, it’s been a fun ride that has created opportunities that I never would have imagined just 13 months ago.  That’s the power of blogging, even if it is sometimes slow to the point and verbose here at Good Grape.  I started this site with the premise that it would be an outlet for ideas—taking seemingly disparate notions and weaving it into something that contextually has application to my wine passion and, perhaps, the industry. 

Fittingly, I launched with the below Good Grape 10 commandments. These kind of hold up, as well. Though, I have gained more wine wisdom in the past 12 months then the previous 10 years combined.

The Good Grape Commandments
10) Wine is regional & historical
9) Pity the wine snob
8) Taste is relative
7) Quality is not proportional to price
6) 100 point rating systems are subjective
5) Enjoyment of life & wine is a function of time, place and company
4) Every wine and winery has a story
3) If you can’t go to the winery, let the winery come to you
2) Life is measured by experiences
1) Drink. Taste. Celebrate the Good Grape!

Thanks for checking me out on occasion and thanks, especially, for the inspiration that I have taken from fellow wine bloggers and those passionate about the Good Grape.


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On 01/24, farley wrote:

Congrats and keep up the good work, Good Grape.  I especially like # 8 and #5 of the Commandments.

On 01/25, Tim wrote:

Congrats, Jeff!

The second year is when I finally learned to blog so you are way ahead of the curve.



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