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Google Searches and the Good Grape Archive

I recently took a look at the search terms that people search for in Google that lead them to this site.  In doing so, I suppose it’s a good thing that I don’t pay much attention to the back-end reporting on my web site lest I turn this place into a blog focused on wine accessories and Trader Joe wines.

Below are the top seven archived posts on Good Grape from July based on Google search terms.  It also doubles as a good review of some old chestnuts from the archive, a part of the nearly 1300 posts from the last five and a half years.

Land, Brand or Label

This is a popular post from 2009 about the growth of private label wines.

This Month in Wine Advertising

Apparently, searching for, “Wine advertising campaigns” holds some interest for people.  This post from the spring of 2010 analyzes several ads from popular mainstream media.

The Quixotic Kelly Fleming Cabernet

I don’t do a lot of wine reviews, but when I focus on one wine, winery or personality it’s because I’m keen (really keen) on what they’re doing.  Kelly Fleming, a boutique producer, is an example in this interview from 2009.  A number of people search for, “Kelly Fleming wine” every month.

The Wine Wand isn’t Magic, but it is Pretty Cool!

I was as surprised as the next guy that the $300+ Phillip Stein Wine Wand actually worked in blind testing.  Apparently a lot of other people are curious, as well.  “Wine Wand” is a popular search term in this post from 2008.

2011 Wine Books:  Four to Look Forward to Reading

The last several years have been a great period of time for the wine book reader with enough quality reading to fill up a decade’s worth of poolside reading.  Folks searching for “Best wine books 2011” speaks to the abundance of quality reading available to the wine enthusiast.

Trader Joe’s:  Wine Marauder or Consumer Fraud?

“Trader Joe’s wines” seems to always be a hot topic.  Are the private label wines at TJ’s junk or gem?  I express my opinion in this piece from January, 2010.

Wine Accessory Review:  Wine Shield

Home wine preservation is an evergreen topic with perpetual interest.  I found the Wine Shield to be a great accessory for preserving wines at home for five days at a high level of quality.  Other people must be interested in the Wine Shield as well, “Wine Shield review” yields a lot of search queries.


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