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Good Grape Wine Company

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Good Grape Announces Formation of New Business Venture:

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Contact:  Sister Mary Elephant
Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration
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Award Winning Wine Blog Announces New Online Wine Retail Outlet Bringing the Very Best Church Wines to the Public

Indianapolis, IN - April 1, 2010 -  Not content with the slightly less than mediocre success he’s earned from writing over 1000 considered and researched blog posts over the last four years, while winning awards for the design of his site for which he simply wrote a check, Jeff Lefevere announced the pending launch of a new venture in the wine business:  The site is being developed to provide redemption in two forms—stroke his deflated ego by throwing good money into another questionable sinkhole and provide a market for an oversupply of altar wines., launching on April 15th, will be the premiere eCommerce destination online for wine lovers to find and buy the very best in altar wines, a quickly developing, but currently overlooked niche in the wine business.

Said Lefevere, “The decision to start ‘Church Chug’ was easy.  First, can you imagine how kick-ass the t-shirts are going to be?  I mean nobody starts a business without thinking about what the t-shirt will look like.  Second, ‘Orange’ wines are very trendy right now with those in the know.  I couldn’t find anything that rhymed with orange, so I kept brainstorming ...”

He continued, “I always said that I would eventually head back to the Catholic Church after the guilt from 12 years of Catholic school dissipated.  After almost 20 years away from the Church and after marrying a Jewish girl, I figured my hosanna to heaven should be around one of the few things I do worship—wine.  What could be better than to start a business in THE LAST AVAILABLE NICHE left in the wine business and bring the beautiful altar wines that are served on Sundays around the country to your dinner table?  Plus, you can already buy Manischewitz at the grocery store so that’s not so unique.  And, well, with the priest problems the Catholics are having and with H1N1 cutting down on the number of people taking wine at communion there’s actually a pretty good supply of altar wine available cheap.”

The online wine store will begin with a curated selection of church wines.  Said Lefevere, “It’s important that we build our reputation in two forms—first, based on my palate.  Like any wine expert, I’ll tell you what’s good and what’s not—the reality is there’s a lot of plonk in the church wine market so I sift through the good and the bad and give the very best to my customers—soon to be recognized brands like Onehda, Cribari, Mont La Salle, and Guasti are all delicious wines that deserve more than a sip and and some backwash into the chalice.  I’m going to make sure of that.  In addition, we have to start letting these wines earn notice from notable critics, which is already starting to happen.”

Church Wine Wins Critical Acclaim

Renowned 4th tier Wine Critic Steven Blanzer, critic for the Global Wine Cellar, awards one of the church wines soon to be available at 96 points.

Said Blanzer, “I travel and dedicate all of my time to wine, so I know what I’m talking about, I’m not some amateur who does this part time. When I taste a non-vintage field blend from Fresno that inspires me like the Cribari, I know I’ve seen something that can be very, very special.  Plus, as a former altar boy, I have memories of preparing altar wine in the vestibule before mass.”

His tasting notes on the Cribari Burgunday noted, “Incense, Olivewood, Jovan Musk, and Ether.” plans to offer a complement of gourmet, artisan foods to pair with the church wines in the late summer of 2010.  Lefevere offered, “Have you ever had those wafers they give out at communion?  They taste like the concrete floor of a basement after a college kegger.  For the love of God and all things holy, we’re going to provide some tasty pairings for these wines to show the way they were meant to be shown.”

Founded by Jeff Lefevere who is Owner, CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board, is his attempt at relevancy in the competitive world of wine.  Destined to become the #1 source for church wines for consumers, the site launches April 15th. 



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On 04/01, 1WineDude wrote:

Does chugging church wine before mass as an altar boy count as qualifications for a job in this new venture?

On 04/01, Benito wrote:

Funny post, but last year I actually bought a bottle of altar wine by mistake.  It was an Austrian rosť, and I wasn’t familiar with the term “Messwein”.  When I got home and looked up the wine, I found out that meant “mass wine”, and that it was a communion wine made at a monastery. 

I’m not Catholic and didn’t want to offend anyone, so I checked in with a good friend of mine that’s a priest out in California.  He gave me the go-ahead and asked for a review later, as he changes suppliers for his altar wine every couple of years when he wants to try something new.

On 04/01, Jeff wrote:

Dude—yes, indeed.  We have similar qualifications for this venture.  You’re in as a full partner.

Benito - too funny.  When I was doing research, I saw a church wine provider with testimonials to that effect, as in:  “I provided your samples to Father John and hope to have an answer in the next couple of days.”

I supposed communion wine like anything else has to have a sales cycle ...

Thanks for commenting, guys.


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