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From  Jersey Boy Cracks the Code

Eschewing the wine blogosphere and mainstream media for once, Gary Vaynerchuk is featured today on an Internet marketing site found at 

The blog post featuring Gary can be found here.

The owner of the site, Rich Schefren, makes a living as a business coach to Internet marketers.

This isn’t a knock on coaches in the Internet marketing space, but most of these guys are shylocks of the first order and will take any opportunity to tout the mysterious “secrets” of success that they have worked a lifetime to accumulate.  I’ve read a couple of the “free” reports and there are some nuggets to glean, but, generally speaking, these are like the guy that has a “sure-fire” college football gambling pick—the ‘stone cold lock’ and then he calls you three times a day for the next month wanting you to sign up for his service.  These guys want you sign up for their webinars for $100 or $150 bucks to learn more of the secrets, the bait being free whitepapers and workbooks and such.  I think the only secret is they make a pretty good living off of people that have enough wherewithal to dip a toe in the water, but not enough to jump into the deep end of the pool.  Or, to use the gambling analogy—guys that have enough money to gamble, but not enough to lose …

The transcript to the interview with Vaynerchuk, which I read in lieu of the audio, can be found here.

I wish I listened to the audio because it seems like Rich is trying to keep up, get a word in and do his own bit of chest puffing.  He admitted on page 12 of the transcript that Gary probably knew more about social media.  Ironically, did I mention, the interviewer, Rich, makes a living as an Internet Marketer/Guru?

Interesting, indeed. 

Check it out.  Vaynerchuk is in full-on “talkamileaminutemodewithabunchofunecdotesandanologies” and there’s some good background detail on the origination and growth of

Gary plays it straight and plays it genuine, but for my money I think he should not be so quick to do the James Lipton “Inside the Actors Studio” bit so soon.  There’s still a lot to conquer for Vaynerchuk and keeping his craft sacrosanct will help keep the allure for those who have yet to discover the “brand.”  Even in a transparent 360 degree online world, there’s something to be said for the band not playing the #1 hit during the encore—leaving the audience wanting something more.

If you’re interested in the audio it can be found here. 

Continued Godspeed to Gary.  His explosion onto the scene in ’07 is the best and most interesting thing to happen in the wine blogosphere—he is a natural foil for all things that are interesting about our online wine world and I continue to root for his worldwide domination.


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On 12/04, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) wrote:

Before you go criticizing Rich Schefren, I think you should know a little bit more about him.

Did you know he has testimonials from Yahoo, 1shoppingcart, The Grand Canyon, Agora Publishing, and plenty of other big online companies.

Did you know he doesn’t put himself out there as an internet marketing guru, but as the business coach to online businesses?

He’s been the business building coach to many of the internet marketing gurus, and that’s what got him well known.

Why are you so quick to criticize someone you’ve never heard of before?

I think we can guess that you’ve never read any of his stuff before.

Why don’t you read his latest report and then form an opinion?

No, I guess you don’t need to - you can judge someone just by his…what?...Oh, that’s right, your own preconceived notions.

Yes, as you can tell I am a fan of his, and if you check out his blog, or Google his name you’ll see he’s got plenty of them.

On 12/04, Jeff Lefevere wrote:

Um, Ryann, what did I criticize about Rich Schefren? 

What, specifically, did I say that was so bad about Rich Schefren?

I acknowledge that I read these sorts of reports myself and I give MY opinion about their place in the market—all of them, not just one guy. 

I’m sure Rich is a dandy guy, with a nice business.  I refer to the entire category of Internet-based coaching and consulting.

The fact of the matter is I have tried to download his doctrine 5 times, using two different versions of Adobe Acrobat and I’m not able to.  Either the download doesn’t work and errors out, or my browser hangs trying to download a 15 mb file.  I would love to read it, if I could.

Thanks for commenting.


On 02/11, David Murphey wrote:

You can’t teach someone internet marketting, there are far too many variables. You can guide someone, but there are many ways to ‘crack’ internet marketing which simply cant be taught imo.


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