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Field Notes from a Wine Life – Winter Doldrums Edition Pt. 1


I am not normally a cantankerous kind of guy, but at this point in the winter, I have to admit that I am just about done with the cold, snowy, icy weather mixed in with alternating unseasonably warm weather, making the schizophrenic Sybil and her 16 personalities seem positively normal. 

I have been cold, sick, frustrated with listening to the news, frustrated with the pace of development with clients at work, frustrated looking at the gray foliage in my yard, and I have been acting like I am a 75 year old widower man, fastidious about his lawn, who eats cans of Beefaroni and hates kids in a neighborhood full of young families.

And, then THE package arrived. 

The skies parted and the birds started chirping yesterday when I received an order of, well, a symbol of cold weather.

Suddenly, I wish the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver were here already so I could commune with favorite winter activities.

Ah, Icewine.  Yes, thank goodness for the majesty of the snow draped vineyards and the chilled temperatures that makes this nectar possible. 


Canada’s finest winery.  A couple of the Inniskillin wines are from the Okanagan district, northeast of Vancouver, too.

While I am not a Rosé guy, I have long championed two underserved areas of the wine market – the front end of the meal with a spritzy aperitif like Moscato d’Asti or Lambrusco and the back-end of the meal with a dessert wine like Inniskillin.

You can go dry red between the bookends if so desired, but for my money bubbles and nectar of the Gods truly make a meal.

No reviews yet for these beauties, but I am pulling the cork on one tonight with a wedge of cheese while I imagine and embrace the cold outside.  Thank goodness for winter and the cold that it brings.

Gundlach Bundschu

In honor of Gundlach Bundschu’s pending 151st anniversary of the acquisition of the land on which they farm, the winery is sponsoring a writing contest – in 151 words or less tell them why wine stirs your soul.

Some “delicious” prizes are available for the winner, which sounds good to me given that their wines are delicious. You can find all of the details at their web site.

Slender Wine Redux

I recently wrote about and was not too kind with the notion of a “Slender” wine with a sugar-free additive.  Nope, not kind at all.  The wine comes from a winery in my Indianapolis backyard, just southwest of the city.  They tout the fact that the wine has—“No Sugar, No Carbs, No Fats, No After-taste, No Kidding!”  To me this panders to the lowest common denominator, like selling cars to people with the promise of “no credit check.”  Preying on people’s insecurities and what they do not know, as opposed to what they do know.

Yet, against the odds, or with a hefty pr retainer, they have managed to make it into the Oscars swag bag that is given to nominees.

This is a pretty big coup from a pr perspective.  I am sure a couple of high-fives were exchanged, just the same, it is hard for me to rally around this sort of thing in wine – it makes Arbor Mist and their Mixed Berry Pinot Noir look positively old school. Harumph.


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