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Field Notes from a Wine Life, Pt. II:  The Bounty

More odds and ends from a life lived through the prism of the wine glass … part II for the week of September 14th.

Last Chance for Oregon Bounty Cuisinternship

Your time is officially running out for the chance to win a week in Oregon at Penner-Ash winery learning the ropes with owner Lynn Penner-Ash.

The Oregon Bounty promotion, organized by the travel folks for the state of Oregon, is designed to showcase the diversity in artisanal food products from the state (and promote some tourism along the way). 

It’s a really good deal – choose from (or enter them all) an all-expense paid week-long “cuisinternship” encompassing winemaking, fishing, chocolate and cheesemaking, distilling, ranching, being a brewmaster or being a chef.  Enter a 2 minute video, enter 140 characters on “why” you should win and take your chances.

As a volunteer guest judge for the wine portion of Oregon Bounty Cuisinternship promotion, I can tell you the opportunity to win is wide open.

Enter to win by 12 midnight PST on Friday the 18th.  Hint for the time zone challenged – that’s 3:00 am for folks on the east coast.  My dad always told me that nothing good happens after midnight.  I had a 12 year run in between the ages of 18 to 30 where I tested his theory.  He was right – nothing good does happen after midnight, but a lot of fun stuff does.  Make sure you do your video on the 2nd glass of wine, at the point of social lubrication, and not the 4th glass in case, you know, ahem, you choose to maximize the hours between midnight and 3:00 am eastern standard time with video camera in hand.

As a judge, I’m an impartial observer at this point, but the below is a nicely passionate sample of what you’re up against for the winemaking experience.

From the mouth of babes

My cup is full.  Earlier this year, I was plain tired of “social media” this and “social media” that.  Now, I am officially done with the economy.  I’m weary of hearing about, dealing with it, and, especially, reading and writing about it relative to wine.  I have one more post in me regarding wine and “trading down,” and that’s mostly to close the loop on a post I wrote last month.  Other than that … I’m not talking about it … I’m not mentioning it … I don’t want to read about it … the economy is dead to me (err ... no pun intended).



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On 09/19, Dylan wrote:

I hope you didn’t raise that video entrant’s hopes too high by featuring him. It would be a let down now if he weren’t picked. Of course, I’m sure that’s one of many great submission you’ll be reviewing for this experience. Good luck with judging.

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