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Field Notes from a Wine Life – Odds and Ends Edition

Odds and ends from a wine soaked life ...

On John Hughes

It’s difficult to be anything but maudlin when the guy that wrote the script to your proverbial youth passes away. 

John Hughes, a movie writer and director who touched anybody that grew up in the 80’s, passed away from an apparent heart attack on Thursday, August 6, 2009.

In 1980 I was 8 years old, in 1990 I turned 18.  The 80s bookended my childhood as neatly as-is possible.  While this is a blog about wine, it’s also a blog about the sum of the cultural (pop and otherwise) experiences that I have had that color the way I view wine and the wine world.  Briefly honoring the writer and/or director of a canon of work that defined my youth definitely fits into that category.

Mr. Mom, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Uncle Buck, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – are you kidding me?  That’s a Hall of Fame’s worth of movie from the 80’s, a veritable slice of Americana in my mind’s eye, all with the funny, real and resonating touch that defined his oeuvre.

Anybody that is a card-carrying member of Generation X knows these flicks.  Rest in peace John Hughes.

Brilliant Story Marketing

For reasons professional, I’ve been paying a lot of attention to bourbon and whiskey marketing efforts.  While I don’t drink the stuff, in many ways, I can really appreciate how they use marketing cues to tell their story.  Many bourbon and whiskey brands do a magnificent job of connecting with customers on a visceral level regardless of production amount – in doing so they create loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing.

Secondarily, as I’ve suggested before, video presents an amazing opportunity for winery marketers to visually present their story – their visual terroir, if you will.  Johnnie Walker has done an amazing job telling their story with this video.

A Napa / Sonoma Wedding

Karen Gurney from the Canadian wine blog Wine Bard is looking for some winery help – for the biggest day of her life no less.

I have to admire a woman who is willing to:

A) Get married at a still unknown location with the wedding date looming (August 18th)

B) Willing to get married with just a Pastor and a photographer

It’s a simple affair: a simple wedding amongst the vines, almost stealth-like. But, she needs wineries to contact her if they can host her small group of four folks.  If a winery can offer somebody to hold a video camera, all the better.

If you’re a winery and you’re interested in hosting Karen and her betrothed on August 18th, please contact her via her wedding web site at:

Wine Bard Weds


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On 08/11, bodas wrote:

The Great Gazoo is right. Don’t expect to make a profitable vineyard out of what you can learn online or out of a book. Hire an experienced viticulturalist to manage the vineyard and winery for you. You can pick up the skills and knowledge over time.

On 08/12, Dylan wrote:

I was very impressed with the execution of Johnnie Walker story. Apparently it took 40 takes and this cut was the very last take. No editing, no cuts. It’s because it’s a feat that it feels like one.

On 08/20, Data entry jobs wrote:

Wine favorites are such an individual taste. What I like and what you like can be 2 different things. I would tell your waiter what you like and let them recommend a wine.
If you don’t have the taste for a specific wine 60$ might be more of a wine than you can appreciate. You can usually get something nice for 25ish.

On 10/28, Women's Clothing wrote:

John Hughes was a great man. The world will miss him so much. Btw, why did you love women who are willing to get married with a pastor? Don’t you think it’s a great one?

On 11/01, Crazy Blogger wrote:

I remember one of the movie directed by Hones Hughes. It refresh my mind when I was young, Home Alone which is played nice by Macaulay Culkin. It’s simple, funny, and addicting. I have already seen it a couple of times, and still, it is worth to be seen..

On 11/10, Going Green wrote:

@crazy blogger
Yeah I love the Home Alone film too. I have watched it several times, and it still funny. Maybe he is the one who inspire some comedian to take to the scene.

On 11/15, Procerin Reviews wrote:

I have had that color the way I view wine and the wine world.I can really appreciate how they use marketing cues to tell their story.

On 11/24, Brandy Thompson wrote:

The best wine I’ve ever drink is the one that’s very old. My friend gave it to me as thanks gift because I help him in college. Thanks to him, now I love wine very much. If you want to see what kind of girl I am, just see my photos at my web. Thanks.

On 11/25, Baseball Gloves wrote:

Ah! I love wine and Its better if it is old. Red wine is my first choice.

On 11/26, ghillie suit wrote:

Old wines are much better. I had a chance to drink a 7 year old wine and its taste is really really good.

On 12/11, stuffed toys wrote:

So, do you guys know why old wine is better? I’m not really good with wine though I drink some times. Never know about that.
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On 12/11, External hard drives wrote:

I think it’s because the alcohol contained in the wine. The longer it’s saved, the stronger the alcohol be. IMHO though. So anyone know? ^^

On 12/15, Comforters Sets wrote:

Yeah, maybe you’re right, but I never care about it anyway as long as I can taste the wonderful old wine taste raspberry

On 01/22, sale on furniture wrote:

I really enjoyed the Video its really intersting and funny as well.

On 02/03, Offerte viaggi wrote:

Yep I agreed that this is an Interesting and funny video and people will enjoy it for sure.

On 02/15, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) wrote:

I think the older the wine, the better it taste. That’s what I learn from movies and friends. What do you think?
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On 02/17, Free Kids Puzzles wrote:

awww i can’t watch the video…
but i love wine especially when you drink it with someone special hehehe


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