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Does Jancis Robinson Fog a Mirror?

Weekendatbernies Compelling proof that Jancis Robinson’ stiffness might in fact be rigor mortis.  Empirical research indicates her writings are only 41% likely to be generated by an authentic human. 

Last year a groupof MIT students created an generator capable of creating"random Computer Science research papers, including graphs, figures, andcitations."

One of the papers created by thisprogram was accepted for presentation at the World Multi-Conference onSystemics, Cybernetics and Informatics. 

In response, researchers at the Indiana University School ofInformatics invented an Inauthentic Paper Detector.

It’s supposed to be able to tell whether a paper has been written by ahuman or a machine. The researchers write:

This web site is intended for detecting whether a technical document ishuman written and authentic or not. Predictions may work for documentsintended for entertainment (novels, news articles etc.). The mainpurpose of this software is to detect whether a technical documentconforms to the statistical standards of an expository text.

I allowed the site to review her recent article on the 2005 Bordeaux vintage in the Financial Times—it included such prosaic prose like:

But the great thing about the successful 2005s is their purity. Theyhave power but they also have refreshment value. They have keepingpotential - witness the high levels of tannins in virtually all thewines - but in the best, those tannins are ripe, beautifully managedand so well hidden by fruit that the wines are already delicious. Onewould like to call the wines classic claret, but Bordeaux has surelynever known a vintage quite like this.

In order to validate my own research into this, I used a control group—a blog post of my own.  My blog post on Wine Sediments last Wednesday came back as INAUTHENTIC with a 28% likelihood of being authentic.  Darn, Jancis beat me with a 13% greater likelihood of having come from a live human.

For further validation, David Sedaris and Dave Berry  were 48% and 29% likely to be authentic. 

In other news, wine terroirists are looking into the technology for wine.


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